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Print resources for ACS National Chemistry Week 2007: The Many Faces of Chemistry.


This is a collection of print resources. A separate collection of Online Resources is also available.

Key: E=Elementary (K-5), I=Intermediate (6-8), HS=High School (9-12), C=College, G=General Public

Careers in Chemistry and Science

American Chemical Society. People who took chemistry, that’s who! (Written and directed by Robert Kaper). 1 videocassette (ca. 16 min.). American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1992 (HS, G)
Film covering lives of chemists working in industry.
Balbes, Lisa. Nontraditional careers for chemists: New formulas in chemistry. Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN 0195183665 (HS, C)
Bortz, Alfred B. To the young scientist: reflections on doing and living science. New York: F. Watts, 1997. 128 pp. ISBN 0531113256 (I, HS)
Profiles of well-known scientists including both work and personal lives.
Chanko, Pamela and Samantha Berger. Scientists. (Learning center emergent readers). New York: Scholastic, 1999. various pp. ISBN 0439046017 (E)
Simple text and photos present many different kinds of scientists.
Garrett, Ginger. Scientists Ask Questions. (Rookie Read-About Science). Danbury: Scholastic Library Publishing, 2004. 32 pp. ISBN 9780516236148 (E)
Explains in simple terms how scientific inquiry works.
Hawkhill Video. Chemists at work. 1 videocassette (41 min.). Hawkhill Associates, Madison, WI, 1999 (HS, G)
History of chemists featuring interviews with modern chemists.
Ingram, Jay and Tina Holdcroft. Real live science. Toronto: Greey de Pencier Books, 1992. 48 pp. ISBN 0618382755 (E, I)
Introduces 21 renowned scientists and includes activities related to their research.
Lehn, Barbara and Carol Krauss. What is a scientist? Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press, 1998. (unpaged) pp. ISBN 0761312722 (E)
Simple, but appealing, introduction to the scientific process.
Rowh, Mark; Stephen E. Lambert; and Julie DeGalan. Great jobs for chemistry majors. 2nd ed. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, 2006. 208 pp. ISBN 0844219150 (HS)
Career guide for students preparing to enter the working world.
Sipiera, Paul P. I can be a chemist. Chicago: Scholastic Library Publishing, 1992. 32 pp. ISBN 0516019651 (E)
Attractive book with pictures and text presents different fields of chemistry.
Thompson, Kim Mitzo and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand. Chemistry. Music CD. Twin Sisters Productions, LLC, Akron, OH, 1996 (E, I)
Twelve songs help children learn what chemists do.
Trumbauer, Lisa and Gail Saunders-Smith. Everyone is a scientist. Mankato, MN: Yellow Umbrella Books, 2001. 16 pp. ISBN 0736807225 (E)
Early reader book introduces children to scientific method.

Biographies Of Chemists And Other Scientists

Hudson, Wade. Scientists, healers, and inventors: an introduction for young readers. (Book of black heroes). East Orange, NJ: Just Us Books, 2003. 70 pp. ISBN 0940975971 (E, I)
Covers many lesser known scientists, as well as more familiar researchers.
Kahn, Jetty. Women in chemistry careers. (Capstone short biographies). Mankato, MN: Capstone Books, 2000. 48 pp. ISBN 0736803157 (E, I)
Describes the careers of five women working chemistry.
Krapp, Kristine M. Notable Black American scientists. Detroit: Gale Research, 1999. 349 pp. ISBN 0787627895 (HS, G)
Covers 250 black Americans who made contributions in sciences. A 2nd edition will be published in 2008.
Oleksy, Walter G. Hispanic-American scientists. (American profiles). New York: Facts on File, 1998. 120 pp. ISBN 0816037043 (I, HS)
Profiles of ten scientists, including Nobelist in Chemistry, Mario Molina.
Proffitt, Pamela. Notable women scientists. Detroit: Gale Group, 1999. 668 pp. ISBN 0787639001 (I, HS)
Covers 485 women from ancient times to present, and includes several useful indexes.
St. John, Jetty. Native American scientists: Fred Begay, Wilfred F. Denetclaw Jr., Frank C. Dukepoo, Clifton Poodry, Jerrel Yakel. (Capstone short biographies). Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 1996. 48 pp. ISBN 1560653590 (E)
Five brief biographies of scientists in biological and physical sciences.
Sullivan, Otha Richard and James Haskins. African American women scientists and inventors. (Black stars). New York: Wiley, 2002. 160 pp. ISBN 047138707X (I, HS)
Comprised of 26 brief biographies, including Madame C. J. Walker, a developer of personal beauty products.
World Book Inc. World Book’s biographical encyclopedia of scientists. 8 vols. Chicago: World Book, 2003. 1536 pp. ISBN 0716676001 (set) (I, HS)
Comprehensive resource with more than 1300 entries, including many famous chemists.
Yount, Lisa. Asian-American scientists. (American profiles). New York: Facts on File, 1998. 112 pp. ISBN 0816037566 (I, HS)
Profile 12 Asian-Americans who made significant contributions to different fields of science.
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