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Dictionary of Organic Compounds/Combined Chemical Dictionary: Abbreviations

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Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
[alpha] specific rotation
abs config absolute configuration
Ac Acetyl
acc according
AcOH Acetic acid
Ac2O Acetic anhydride
Acta Cryst Acta Crystallographica (Section A, B, ...)
Acta Crystallogr Acta Crystallographica (Section A, B, ...)
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ADI Acceptable Daily Intake
alk alkaline
amorph amorphous
amt amount
anal analytical applications, analysis or detection
anhyd anhydrous
Annalen Annalen der Pharmacie 1832-39
Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie 1840-73
Justus Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1873-1978
Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1979-1994
Liebigs Annalen 1995-1996
ANSI American National Standards Institute
aq aqueous
asymm asymmetrical, unsymmetrical
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
BAN British Approved Name
bibl bibliography
biosynth biosynthesis
Bp boiling point
BSI British Standards Institution
bwd bird (wild)
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
c concentration
ca (circa) about
cd circular dichroism
Chem Comm Journal of the Chemical Society--Chemical Communications
chromatog chromatography
cmr carbon (13C) nuclear magnetic resonance
CNS central nervous system
col colour, coloration
coml commercial(ly)
compd compound
conc concentrated
config configuration
conformn conformation
constit constituent
cryst struct X-ray crystal structure determination
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
d density
dck duck
dec decomposes, decomposition
degradn degradation
deg degree
deriv(s) derivative(s)
descr described
detn detection, determination
dil dilute, dilution
dimorph dimorphic
diss dissolves, dissolved
dist(n) distil, distillation
DMF dimethyl formamide
DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
ee enantiomeric excess
epr electron paramagnetic (spin) resonance
equilib equilibrium
ESA Entomological Society of America
esp especially
Et Ethyl
EtOAc Ethyl acetate
EtOH ethanol
EtOH aq aqueous ethanol
evapn evaporation
exp experimental
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
fl p flash point
fluor fluoresces, fluorescence
formn formation
Fp freezing point
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
g gram
glc gas liquid chromatography
Glc Beta-D-glucopyranosyl
gpg guinea pig
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
ham hamster
haz hazard
hplc high performance liquid chromatography
hydrol hydrolyses, hydrolysed, hydrolysis
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
ihl inhalation
ims intramuscular
INN International Non-proprietary Names
intermed intermediate
ipr intraperitoneal
ir infra-red spectrum
isol(n) isolation, isolated
isom isomerism, isomers, isomerises
ISO International Standards Organisation
ivg intravaginal
ivn intravenous
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
JACS Journal of the America Chemical Society
J Am Chem Soc Journal of the American Chemical Society
JAN Japanese Accepted Name
J Chem Soc... Journal of the Chemical Society
J Chem Soc, Chem Com Journal of the Chemical Society--Chemical Communications
JCS ... Journal of the Chemical Society ...
J Het Chem Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
J Heterocycl Chem Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
JMAF Japanese Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
JOC Journal of Organic Chemistry
J Org Chem Journal of Organic Chemistry
Justus Liebigs Ann Chem Annalen der Pharmacie 1832-39
Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie 1840-73
Justus Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1873-1978
Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1979-1994
Liebigs Annalen 1995-1996
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
LC lethal concentration
LD lethal dose: LD50, a dose which is lethal to 50% of the animals tested
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
M molecular weight (formula weight)
manuf manufacturer, manufactured
max maximum
mcd magnetic circular dichroism
Me Methyl
MeOH methanol
Me2CO acetone
MEL maximum exposure limit
metab metabolite, metabolism
misc miscible
mixt mixture
mky monkey
mod moderately
Mp melting point
ms mass spectrum
mus mouse
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
n index of refraction, e.g. n 20D for 20° and sodium light
nmr nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum (general)
nqr nuclear quadropole resonance spectrum
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
obt obtained
oc open cup
occup occupational
OES occupational exposure standard
op optical purity
ord optical rotatory dispersion
orl oral
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
Ph Phenyl (C6H5)
pharmacol pharmacology
pmr proton (1H) nuclear magnetic resonance
polarog polarography
polym polymerises, polymer
ppd precipitated
ppm parts per million
props properties
purifn purification
Py Pyridine
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
rbt rabbit
ref reference
resoln resolution
rev review
rt room temperature
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
scu subcutaneous
sepn separation
skn skin
sl slightly
sol soluble
soln solution
solv solvent
sp species (singular)
spar sparingly
spp species (plural)
ssp subspecies
subl sublimation
synth synthesis
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
tautom tautomerism
Tet Lett Tetrahedron Letters
Tetrahedron Lett Tetrahedron Letters
THF tetrahydrofuran
tlc thin layer chromatography
TLV Threshold Limit Value
tox toxicity
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
unsatd unsaturated
USAN United States Adopted Name
uv ultraviolet spectrum
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
v very
var variety
vis visible
vol volume
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
WSSA Weed Science Society of America

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Last modified: February 7, 2007

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