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Chemistry 130

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Nomenclature Resources

Searching by chemical name in handbooks and other reference resources can be tricky. Some resources put the name in unpermuted while others may permute a name, listing the parent substituent name first. In some resources, you must include the numbered positions of a substitutent (e.g. Beilstein Crossfire) while in other resources you leave the numbers out (e.g. Properties of Organic Compounds (POC) and The Combined Chemical Dictionary). All synonyms may not be included in a reference source and it is difficult to tell which name is the IUPAC name. When searching then, it is important to be persistent and systematically try all permutations of a name. In most electronic handbooks, it is possible to browse the name index to make sure you are searching a term that exists in the database. Below are three common situations along with resources you can use:

You know one name for compound but need synomyns

The The Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD), Properties of Organic Compounds (POC), and the Merck Index include synonyms for compounds. CCD and POC are available via the web from CHEMnetBASE, and the Merck Index is provided by CambridgeSoft. Print editions of the Merck Index are also on reserve and in the reference room of the Swain Library.

Consult Names, Synonyms, and Structures of Organic Compounds: A CRC Reference Handbook which is on Reserve at the Swain Library.

You know structure and need IUPAC name

Search structure in Beilstein Crossfire. Identification information at top of each record includes the Autonom name which is the IUPAC name for that compound.

You have a name but do not know what the structure looks like

Search by chemical name in the The Combined Chemical Dictionary, Properties of Organic Compounds, the Merck Index, or Beilstein Crossfire.

Consult CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, see pages preceding Table on Organic Compounds that is titled "Radicals and Rings Systems". The CRC Handbook is located in the reference room and is on reserve in the Swain Library. It is also available via the web in CHEMnetBase.

Consult the Organic Chemist's Desk Reference, Chapter 8, "Glossary of Terms Used in Describing Organic Structures," pgs. 42-105, which is on reserve in the Swain Library.

Consult Names, Synonyms, and Structures of Organic Compounds: A CRC Reference Handbook which is on reserve in the Swain Library.

Last modified: February 7, 2007

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