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Properties of Organic Compounds: Abbreviations

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Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
[alpha] specific rotation and column head
"infinity symbol" soluble in all proportions
ABBIA Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
abs absolute
ac acid
Ac acetyl
AC Analytical Chemistry
ace, Ace acetone
aceD6 deuterized acetone
aceF6 hexafluoro acetone
AcOEt ethyl acetate
Ac2O acetic anhydride
ACSAA Acta Chemica Scandinavica
al alcohol (generally means ethyl alcohol)
ALD The Aldrich Handbook of Organic Chemicals and Biochemicals, Aldrich Chemical Co., New York; Aldrich Library of Infrared Spectra; Aldrich Chemical Co., Wilwaukee, WI
ALDN Aldermaston, Eight Peak Index of Mass Spectra
alk alkali
Am amyl (pentyl)
AmOH amyl alcohol
amor amorphous
AMS Archives of Mass Spectral Data, John Wiley & Sons, New York
ANCPA Annales de Chimie (Paris)
anh anhydrous
API American Petroleum Institute spectral collection
aq aqueous
ARKEA Arkiv foer Kemi
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
b below
BCSJA Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
BIJOA Biochemical Journal
bipym bipyramidal
bk black
bl blue
bp boiling point
BPSMA Bulletin de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences
br brown
BSCFA Bulletin de la Society Chimique de France
bt bright
Bu butyl
BuOH butyl alcohol
bz, Bz benzene
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
c percentage concentration
ca about
CA Chemical Abstracts
CAS Chemical Abstracts Service
CCCCA Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications
cello cellosolve
CHBEA Chemische Berichte
CHINA Chemistry and Industry
chl, Chl chloroform
CJCHA Canadian Journal of Chemistry
co columns
COB Coblentz Society spectral collection
col colorless
con, conc concentrated
COREA Comptes Rendus Hebdomaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences
ctc carbon tetrachloride
cw continuous wave
cy, cyhex cyclohexane
chD12 deuterated cyclohexane
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
D line in the emission spectrum of sodium (subscript), i.e., [n]D
DANKA Doklady Akademii Nauk S.S.S.R.
dec decomposes
DFB Dollish et al., Characteristic Raman Frequencies of Organic Compounds, John Wiley & Sons, New York
dil diluted
diox dioxane
dk dark
dl, DL racemic (dl generally refers to optical rotation; DL usually means configuration
dlq deliquescent
DMF dimethyl formamide
DMFD6 deuterated dimethyl formamide
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
efl efflorescent
Et ethyl
EtOH ethyl alcohol
Et2O ethyl ether
exp explodes
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
fl flakes
flr fluorescent
FO Friedal and Orchin, Ultraviolet Spectra of Aromatic Compounds, John Wiley & Sons, New York
FT Fourier transform
fum fuming
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
GCITA Gazzetta Chimica Italiana
gel gelatinous
gl glacial
gr green
gran granular
gy gray
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
HBCP Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL
HCACA Helvetica Chimica Acta
hex hexagonal
HOAc acetic acid
hp heptane
hx hexane
hyd hydrate
hyg hygroscopic
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
IJOCA Indian Journal of Chemistry
ini isomer not indicated
IR infrared spectrum
irid iridescent
iso isooctane
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
JACSA Journal of the American Chemical Society
JCS,B Journal of the Chemical Society, Section B
JCSOA Journal of the Chemical Society (London)
JJ Johnson and Jankowski, Carbon-13 NMR Spectra, John Wiley & Sons, New York
JMOSA Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
JOCEA Journal of Organic Chemistry
JPRAA Journal de Physique et le Radium
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
LA Levy and Nelson, Carbon-13 NMR for Organic Chemists, John Wiley & Sons, New York
LANG Absorption Spectra in the UV and Visible Region, Academic Press, New York
lf leaf
lig ligroin
liq liquid
lo long
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
M molar concentration
MCA Manufacturing Chemists Association Research Project, Thermodynamics Research Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
mcl monoclinic
Me methyl
MeCN acetonitrile
MeOH methyl alcohol
MOCHA Monatshefte für Chemie und Verwandte Teile Anderer Wissenschaften
mod modification
MP melting point
MS mass spectral reference as source of physical constants
mut mutarotatory
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
n refractive index (nD), column head
N normal (concentration of solute in solvent)
N- nitrogen attachment of the substituent
naph naphthalene
NBS NBS-EPA-NIH Mass Spectral Database NSRDS-NBS-63
ND needles
NIST NIST/EPA/MSDC Mass Spectral Database, 1990 Version
NRC National Bureau of Standards spectral collection
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
o- ortho-
oct octahedral
OES Phillip et al., Organic Electronic Spectral Data, John Wiley & Sons, New York
og orange
OPSUA Optics and Spectroscopy (USSR-English)
org organic
orh orthorhombic
os organic solvent
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
pa pale
par partial
peth petroleum ether
Ph phenyl
PhCl chlorobenzene
PhNH2 aniline
PhNO2 nitrobenzene
pk pink
pl plates
poly D polysol D
pr prisms
Pr propyl
PrOH propyl alcohol
purp purple
pwd powder
py, Py pyridine
pym pyramids
pyr, pyrim pyrimidine
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
rac- racemic
rect rectangle
res resinous
rh rhombic
rhd rhombohedral
RTCPA Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
s solubility, column head
s soluble
s- secondary
SAD Sadtler Research Laboratories spectral collection
SADG Sadtler Research Laboratories IR grating collection
SADP Sadtler Research Laboratires IR prism collection
sat saturated
sec- secondary
sl, sli slight
sol solid
solu solution
solv solvent
SPACA Spectrochimica Acta
st stable
STOT Stothers, Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy, Academic Press, New York
sub sublimes
sulf sulfuric acid
sym- symmetrical
syr syrup
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
tcl triclinic
tert- tertiary
Tet Tetrahedron
tetr tetragonal
TETRA Tetrahedron
tfa trifluoroacetic acid
thf, THF tetrahydrofuran
to, tol toluene
tr transparent
trg trigonal
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
mu (Greek letter) micron
undil undiluted
uns- unsymmetrical
unst unstable
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
vac vacuum
vap vapor
var variable
VAR Varian Associates NMR spectra collection
vic- vicinal
visc viscous
vt violet
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
w water
wh white
WILEY Atlas of Mass Spectral Data, John Wiley & sons, New York
wr warm
wx waxy
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
xyl xylene
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
ye yellow
Abbreviation Full Word/Phrase
ZEELA Zeitschrift für Elektrochemie
ZPCBA Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, Abteilung B
ZPCHA Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie, Hoppe-Seylers

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