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Library of Congress Call Numbers

AE: Encyclopedias
AI: Newspaper Indexes

B to BD: Philosophy
BF: Psychology
BH: Ethics
BL: Mythology & Religions
BM: Judaism
BP: Islam
BR: Church History
BS: Bibles & Biblical Studies
BT to BV: Theology
BX: Sectarian History

CB: History of Civilization
CD to CN: Archives & Chronology
CS: Genealogy
CT: Biography (Note: many biography sets are under each country.)

D: General History
DA: British History
DAW: Central Europe
DB: Austrian, Czech Republic, & Hungarian History
DC: French History
DD: German History
DE: Classical History (General)
DF: Greece, Ancient & Modern
DG: Rome & Italy
DH: Benelux countries
DJ: Netherlands
DJK: Eastern Europe
DK: Russia, Baltic States, former Soviet republics and Poland
DL: Scandinavia
DP: Spain & Portugal
DQ: Switzerland
DR: Balkan Peninsula DS: Asia
  DS35-254: Middle East
  DS500s: South East Asia
  DS700s: China
  DS800s: Japan
DT: Africa
DU: Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, etc.)
DX: Gypsies

E: American History
  E70s: Native North Americans
  E185s: African Americans

F100-999: States of the U.S.
F1001-1121: Canada
F1204-1386: Mexico
F1434: Middle American Indians
F2229: South American Indians

G1000s: World Atlases (current & historical)
G1201: U.S. Atlases
G1500s: U.S. State & Latin American Atlases
G1800s: British Atlases
GN: Anthropology
GR: Folklore
GT: Manners & Customs
GV: Dance & Sports

HA: Statistics
HB to HD: Economics
HE to HJ: Commerce & Finance
HM to HN: Sociology & Social Pathology
HQ: Family, Sex & Gender
  HQ75-76.8: Homosexuality, Lesbianism
  HQ1101-2001: Women's Studies
HV: Social Welfare & Social Pathology
HX: Socialism & Utopias

JA to JC: Political Theory
JF to JX: Constitutional History
  JK: United States
  JN: Europe
  JV: Colonies and colonization
  JX: International Law
  JZ: International relations

K: Law
  KF: U.S. Law
  KJ-KKZ: European Law

L: Education

M: Music

N: Art
  NX: Arts in general

P: Linguistics and Philology
   P300s: Lists of World Languages
PA: Classical Languages
PB: Celtic Languages
PC1001-1977: Italian Language
PC2001-3761: French Language
PC4001-4977: Spanish Language
PC5001-5498: Portuguese Language
PD: Scandinavian Languages
PE: English Language
  PE1689: Phrases
  PE3721: Slang
PF3001-5999: German Language
PG2001-3998: Russian Language & Literature
PG6001-7498: Polish Language & Literature
PJ: Egyptian & Semitic Languages
PK: Indo-Iranian Languages
PL: Asian, African Languages
PM: Native American Languages
PN: Literary History
  PN1900s: Film & TV
  PN4700-5636: Journalism
PN6000s: Quotations
PQ1-3999: French Literature
PQ4001-5999: Italian Literature
PQ6001-8560: Spanish Literature
PQ9000-9999: Portuguese Literature
PR: English Literature
PS: American Literature
PT: Germanic Literatures

Q: General Science
QA: Mathematics & Computer Science (QA75.5-76.95)
QB: Astronomy
QC: Physics
QD: Chemistry
QE: Geology
QH: Biology
QK: Botany
QL: Zoology
QM to QP: Human Biology

R: Medicine

S: Agriculture

T: Technology
  TR: Photography

U: Military Science

V: Naval Science

Z: Bibliography & Library Science
Z4-8: History of Books
Z40-115: Writing, Scripts
Z116-265: Printing
Z278-550: Publishing
Z670-799: Directories: Libraries, Databases & Information Industry
Z1035: Best Book Lists, Reference Guides
Z1036: Bestseller Lists
Z1065: Pseudonums
National Bibliographies
  Z1200-1361: United States
  Z1400-Z1945: Latin America
  Z2001-2081: Great Britain
  Z2161-2184: France
  Z2221-2250: Germany
  Z2341-2375: Italy
  Z2483-2528: Russia, Poland, etc.
  Z2555-2640: Scandinavia
  Z2685-2700: Spain
  Z3100-Z3320: Asia
  Z3501-3971: Africa
  Subject Bibliographies
  Z5052: Dissertation Indexes
  Z5071: Agriculture
  Z5111-5120: Anthropology
  Z5579: Civilization (general works)
  Z5701-5703: Crime & Criminology
  Z5725: Death
  Z5772: Disasters
  Z5775-5777: Domestic Economy
  Z5781-5785: Drama & the Theater
  Z5814-5819: Education
  Z5861-5863: Environment, Human Ecology
  Z5916-5918: Fiction (by general type)
  Z5931-5961: Fine Arts
  Z5981-5985: Folklore
  Z6001-6028: Geography & Maps
  Z6201-6209: History
  Z6366-6375: Jewish Studies
  Z6461-6485: Law, International, the United Nations
  Z6511-6523: Literature
  Z6601-6625: Manuscripts
  Z6658-6676: Medicine
  Z6940-6964: Newspapers & Periodicals
  Z7001-7124: Philology & Linguistics
  Z7125-7130: Philosophy
  Z7125-7130: Political & Social Sciences
  Z7161-7166: Psychology
  Z7511-7516: Sports & Amusements
  Z7751-7865: Theology & Religions
  Z7911-7916: Technology
  Z7961-7965: Women's Studies
  Z8000s: Personal Bibliography (Alphabetical by Person's Name)
ZA: Information Resources (including information literacy)

Kathy Kerns, Head of Information Center
Cecil H. Green Library, Stanford University Libraries

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