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How Do I Find?

CD ROMs in Green Library

Reference CD-ROMs are available in Green Library's Information Center (IC) located on the 1st floor of Green East, Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) located in the Velma Denning Room on the 1st floor of Green West Bing Wing, and Humanities & Area Studies Digital Culture and Humanites Computing (HAS-DIG) in Lane Reading Room on the 2nd floor of Green West Bing Wing. (Request HAS-DIG CDs in the HASRC office, Room 221.) Some are also available via the CD-ROM network from the "Start" button on the Green library kiosks.

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American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language at IC Desk
Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature in HAS-DIG
Contains the texts processed thus far from the corpus of Celtic-Latin literature from the period 400-1200 as part of the Royal Irish Academy's Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources project.


Bibliografia Nazionale Italiana, 1958+ in HAS-DIG
Bibliographie Nationale Francaise, 1970+ in HAS-DIG
Black Studies on Disc on the CD-ROM network
British Library General Catalogue of Books, to 1995 at IC Desk -use on cluster machine #7.
Contains "almost six million bibliographic records bringing together three files covering the main holdings of the British Library in a single database: British Library catalogue (BLC), Humanities and Social Sciences catalogue (HSS), Science Reference and Information Service catalogue (SRIS)"
British National Bibliography, 1986-Spring 1991 in HAS-DIG


Catalog, Courts-Métrages Français de Fiction, 1929-1950 in HAS-DIG
A catalog of French fiction, short-subject films.
Catalog dei Libri Italiani dell'Ottocento (1801-1900) in HAS-DIG
A catalog of 19th century Italian books.
C-dir: Dizionario Italiano Ragionato in HAS-DIG
A dictionary of regional Italian.
CD-Press, 1991+ in HAS-DIG
Contains the full text of selected articles from over 60 Mexican national and regional newspapers. Eventually coverage will be extended to all of the Mexican states.
CLCT:Cetedoc Christian Latin Texts at IC-Desk use with machines 5 or 6 only.
Includes vols. published in the Corpus Christianorum, both the Series Latina and the Continuatio mediaeualis, the collected works of major authors such as Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory the Great, as well as several works not yet available in the Corpus Christianorum but included in the Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum Latinorum of Vienna, the Patrologia Latina or other collections.
Congressional Research Service Index on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #4.
Corpus Augustinianum Gissense in HAS-DIG
"Contains the works of Saint Augustine in over 5 million words culled from the best critical editions; a "coarse" keyword index access to the text, and keyword access to the primary and ca. 20,000 titles of the secondary literature by means of the keywords of the Augustinus Lexikon."
Current Issues Sourcefile, 1996+ on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #1
Produced by Congressional Information Service and updated quarterly. It contains "the full text of thousands of reports, papers, statements, and articles on current policy issues." On CD-ROM cluster.


Database of Classical Bibliography in HAS-DIG
Based on volumes 47-58 of the L'Annee Philologique, "contains citations of all known scholarly work published in any language anywhere in the world concerning the areas of ancient Greek and Latin language and linguistics, Greek and Roman history, literature, philosophy, art, archaeology, religion, mythology, music, science, early Christian texts, numismatics, papyrology and epigraphy, and concerning the time period from the second millennium B.C. to roughly 500-800 A.D."
Deutsche National Bibliographie, 1986+ in HAS-DIG
Diccionario Bio-bibliografica de Escritores de Mexico (1920-1970) in HAS-DIG
Dictionary of English Language by Samuel Johnson in HAS-DIG
Il Dizionario della Lingua Italiana in HAS-DIG
Italian language dictionary
Dizionario Italiano Sabatini Coletti at IC Desk
Italian dictionary.


Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean at IC Desk
The paper part is in IC-Stats under HC161.U525.
Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue at IC Desk
Bibliography of material printed in Britain and her colonies, in any language, between 1701 and 1800 and material printed anywhere in the world in the English language, between the same dates. Lists locations of existing copies.
Encyclopaedia of Islam on IC CD-ROM cluster machines 5 and 6.
Encyclopaedia Judaica on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #1
"includes the complete text of the original 16-volume edition of the Encyclopűdia Judaica, as well as, the subsequent 8 Year Books, and 2 Decennials, published in 1982 and 1992 respectively, plus selected updates"
English Verse Drama: The Full-Text Database in HAS-DIG
"Contains works acted on or intended for the stage, which are either wholly or predominantly in verse. Masques, entertainments, translations and adaptations are included, along with certain closet dramas omitted from The English poetry full-text database. The entire text of each verse drama and any accompanying text written by the playwright and forming an integral part of the work are included, along with commendatory and prefatory poems by both the playwright and others.
Epochen der Deutschen Literatur in HAS-DIG
"Hypertext exploration of 18th century German literature, with about 180 texts by 40 authors, with information on the authors, themes and pictures, all hyperlinked."
ESTC: 18th Century Short-Title Catalogue at IC desk - use on cluster machine #7.
Ethics Index on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #2
"Source of citations to the ethical discussions, debates, conflicts and dilemmas confronting many academic disciplines, and their praxis by the professions and in society. Covers ethics literature from 1990 to the present, selected from scholarly, general, and popular journals, as well as regular selections from prominent newspapers. Also indexes essays contained in conference proceedings, congresses, and Festschriften."
Ethnologue: Languages of the World on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #1
An on-going census of the world's languages and a count of native speakers in all the countries of the world. The CD has all the contents of the paper edition (IC Ready Reference P371 .E83.)


Foundation Grants Index IC Desk


Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature Catalog on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #3
"Allows user to access complete bibliographic citations to more than 60,000 economics and business primary source titles from the last half of the fifteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century." We have the microform collection in Media-Microtext.


Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography on IC CD-ROM Cluster machines 5, 6 & 7
Historical Collections of Louisiana, 1845-1853 in HAS-DIG
"Originally compiled by Benjamin Franklin French, New York and Philadelphia, 1846-1853."
Historical Statistics of the U.S. colonial times to 1970 on IC cluster machine #4. Also on CD-ROM network.


ILOLEX: International Labour Code at IC Desk
"a computerized version of the International Labour Code which includes labor standards concerning inter alia, human rights, employment policy, working conditions, industrial relations, occupational safety and health, and social security."
Index to Jewish Periodicals, 1988+ on IC CD-ROM Cluster machines 5, 6 & 7
IBZ: International Bibliography of Periodicals, 1989+ at IC Desk
International bibliography of periodical literature covering all fields of knowledge.
In Principio, Index of Latin Texts in HAS-DIG
This incipit collection covers all Latin texts that have been transmitted in manuscript since the origins of Latin literature up to about 1500. In addition, all literary genres are included: theology, history, medicine, liturgy, law, occult sciences, sermons, etc.
Index Islamicus, 1906+ on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #1. Also on the CD-ROM network.
A bibliography of publications on Islam and the Muslim world.
Index to the House of Commons Papers on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #2 and in SSRC. Also on the CD-ROM network.
L'Indice dei Libri del Mese, 1984-1996 in HAS-DIG
"Lists information (author/title, publisher, reviewer, etc.) of books reviewed in Liber and Indice dei libri del mese."
Interpreter's Bible and Dictionary on IC CD-ROM cluster #3
Full-text of both the King James and Revised Standard Version of the Bible, plus annotations.
Iter Italicum in HAS-DIG
"A Database of Uncatalogued or Incompletely Catalogued Humanistic Manuscripts of the Renaissance in Italian and Other Libraries." This CD ROM contains the complete and unaltered material published previously by E.J. Brill in six volumes(1963-1992).


JCR: Journal Citation Reports, 1996
For 1997 on, see the web version: JCR: Journal Citation Reports now part of Web of Knowledge - Science and Social Science editions (1997+)
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
See under Dictionary...


LABORDOC, 1965-1999 at IC Desk
Indexes the literature of labor and employment.
Letteratura Italiana Repertorio Automatizzato in HAS-DIG. Also on the CD-ROM network.
Analytical bibliography of Italian language and literature from 1986 onward. On CD-ROM cluster.
Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli in HAS-DIG
Covering the range from St. Francis of Assisi to Italo Svevo, the CD-ROM is a comprehensive textual data bank of Italian literature. Keyword searching and other tools allow for easy movement through and between the full texts of all 362 works included on the disk.
Libros en Venta en America Latina y España in HAS-DIG
Contains a listing of books in print in both Latin America and Spain. Each record contains the address, phone number, and fax number for the particular publisher.


Masterplots Complete on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #3.
Includes the contents of 22 multivolume Masterplots reference book sets.
Minerva: Cuban Culture, A Bibliographical Approach in HAS-DIG
A multimedia CD which can be viewed in English or Spanish.
Monumenta Germaniae Historica in HAS-DIG
A selection of texts from all five divisions of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (Sciptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae, Antiquates), primarily those which have appeared in the last few years.


Native American Collection in HAS-DIG
"A collection of documents relating to Native Americans including the Dawes Final Rolls, the Chilocco Indian School alumni records, scanned images of valuable books about Native American leaders, a historical photo collection,..."
Newsbytes, May 1983-July 1993 in HAS-DIG
Contains the archives of Newsbytes News Network, a computer industry news service. Articles are arranged in reverse chronological order.
Niles Register, 1811-1849 in HAS-DIG
Index to the Niles' National Register with over 350,000 listings of people, places, and events.
Nineteenth Century Bibliographic Records at IC Desk
This CD ROM serves as a cumulative index to the microfiche edition of the Nineteenth century, published by Chadwyck-Healey. Contents: The general collection--Women writers--Children's literature--Visual arts and architecture--Linguistics--Publishing, the booktrade and the diffusion of knowledge.
Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, 1801-1919 at IC Desk
Lists British books published in Britain, its colonies and the United States of America; all books in English wherever published; and all translations form English.
Notimex in HAS-DIG
Provides access to over 40,000 news stories, compiled every 6 months, of the Mexican News Agency (Notimex), the largest, most complete Latin American news service.


Osterreichische Historische Bibliographie, 1945-1993 in HAS-DIG
Bibliography on Austrian historical research since 1945, with over 115,000 titles.


Paulys Realencyclopädie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft. Index. in HAS-DIG
Indexes the "old" Paulys shelved in the Green Library Reference Room under DE5.P33.
La Persecution des Juits de France, 1940-1944 in HAS-DIG
A collection of original sources, in French, of the Vichy and German governmental actions and cooperation against the Jews.


Recent Demographic Developments in Europe at IC Desk, use on cluster machine #6
Responsa: The Database for Jewish Studies in HAS-DIG
Contains Tanach, Midrashim, Babylonian Talmud, Rashi to Babylonian Talmud, Rambam. Includes 253 books of rabbinical responsa spanning a period of over a thousand years.
Le Robert (Grand Robert de la Langue Francaise) in HAS-DIG
Ruskin's Works
See under Works...
Russian National Bibliography in HAS-DIG
Searchable only in transliterated format.


Slovenska Bibliografia: The Slovenian National Bibliography in HAS-DIG
Contains "works of Slovenian authors, publications in Slovenian, and works issued by Slovenian publishers."
Social Research Methodology, 1970+ in SSDS
"Database on social research methodology, statistical analysis and computer programming in the social and behavioral sciences." Updated semiannually.


Talmudic Encyclopedia in HAS-DIG
A digest of Halachic literature and Jewish law from the Tannaitic period to the present time.
Thomae Aquinatis Opera Omnia, 1992 in HAS-DIG
"This CD-ROM contains the complete works of Thomas Aquinas ... all in Latin.... They are followed by another 61 medieval Latin writings ... connected in some way with, and congruous to, the former. All of the texts were put in this CD-ROM to enable its consultation by means of hypertext techniques made available by computer."
Tithe Files Database in HAS-DIG
Data extracted from the 1836 National Tithe Survey Report Forms from the files of the Tithe Commissioners. Includes an index to additional information an documentary evidence held in the Tithe Files at the Public Records Office.
Twentieth Century American Poetry, 1914+ in HAS-DIG
When complete this set is meant to cover poets from 1914 to the present.


U.N. Treaty Index on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #4. See also the United Nations Treaty Collection on the Web.
U.S. Government Periodicals Index on IC CD-ROM cluster machine #4.


Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900. Series 1.0 in HAS-DIG
A keyword index to 19th century English periodicals and newspapers.
Women's Studies on Disc, 1989+ on CD-ROM network
Electronic version of Women's Studies Index. Updated semi-annually. Indexes popular as well as scholarly and feminist periodicals. On CD-ROM cluster.
Works of John Ruskin in HAS-DIG
Based on edition originally published: London: G. Allen; New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1903-1912.
World Guide to Libraries at IC Desk
World Shakespeare Bibliography, 1990-1993 at IC Desk
CAUTION: Printing from this database is problematic--you may end up an entire section or book or the entire database.


Zeitungs-Index, 1982-1989 at IC Desk
Indexes about 20 West German newspapers and several of the more important newspapers in neighboring German-speaking countries, focusing especially on articles discussing significant social and political issues in the period covered.

Kathy Kerns
Head, Information Center
Cecil H. Green Library, Stanford University Libraries

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