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Research Quick Start Guides

Children and Adolescence

See also guides on Women in Society and Family Studies.

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Encyclopedias and handbooks can provide useful descriptions, overviews, and lists of references.

American Childhood: A Research Guide and Historical Handbook (Green Library SSRC& Stacks HQ792.U5A525 1985) gives overviews of various historical periods and issues such as child care.

Children in Historical and Comparative Perspective (Green Library SSRC HQ767.87.C48 1991) looks at the history of children around the world through essays and bibliographies.

Handbook of Child Psychology, 5th ed. (Green Library SSRC BF721.H242 1997) long, scholarly articles with lengthy bibliographies.

Infancy in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ774.I528 2001)

Boyhood in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ775.B635 2001)

Girlhood in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library HASRC HQ777.G5745 2001)

Adolescence in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ796 .A33247 2001)

Children in Historical and Comparative Perspective (Green Library SSRC HQ767.87.C48 1991) looks at the history of children around the world through essays and bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Adolescence (Green Library Information Center HQ796.E58 1991) articles cover "the range of concepts and topics involved in the scholarly and societal concern with adolescence."

Encyclopedia of Youth and War: Young People as Participants and Victims (Green Library Information Center HQ784 .W3 S54 2000)

Television and the American Child (Green Library SSRC HQ784.T4C69 1991) attempts to synthesize and discuss the research on television and children.

A Sourcebook on Children and Television (Green Library SSRC HQ784.T4S5 1991)

Related Topics

Encyclopedia of American Social History (Green Library Information Center HN57.E58 1992) Vol. 3, Part XI (pp. 1923-2070) on "Family History" has lengthy articles written by some of the leading scholars in the field, plus good bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (Green Library Information Center BF31.E5 1994) Start with the index at the end of vol. 4 to identify family-related topics.

Encyclopedia of Psychology, APA (Green Library Information Center BF31 .E52 2000) contains articles of varying length.

International Encyclopedia of Psychology (Green Library Information Center BF31.I58 1996) Start with the index at the end of vol. 2 to identify family-related topics.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Green Library SSRC H41 .I58 2001) articles reflecting not only the canonical social sciences, but also "the biological and cultural 'co-construction' of behavior and society."

Encyclopedia of Social Work, 19th ed. 1995 (Green Library Information Center HV35.E5) contains lengthy articles and bibliographies on topics such as "Families," "Family Change," "Domestic Violence," and "Child Sexual Abuse."

Encyclopedia of Sociology (Green Library Information Center HM17.E5 1992) has articles on a number of topics related to the families. Essays tend to be long with good bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000 (Green Library Information Center HN373.E63 2001) especially vol. 4 which includes a section on the Family.


Indexes (in paper and electronic formats) can help you identify articles in magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals and other resources. Those restricted to the Stanford community are marked with the Stanford only icon. Choose the [help] after a database name to see it's help. For other indexes see the Databases A-Z and Green Library CD-ROMs lists.

Family Studies Database (1970+) - part of BiblioLine. Stanford only indexes and abstracts over a thousand journals, books, conference papers, government reports, etc., and includes all the records once published in the comprehensive Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature.

Sage Family Studies Abstracts (1981-2003 Green Library Information Center HQ546.S23; 1999+ on the Web Stanford only)

America: History and Life (1964+) covers U.S. and Canadian history. Includes abstracts Stanford only

Anthropological Literature (1984+) Stanford only

Expanded Academic ASAP [help] general index to over 1500 magazines with some fulltext. (1980+) Click Proceed. Stanford only

Historical Abstracts (1954+) Stanford only covers world history except U.S. & Canada.

Humanities Abstracts (1974+ Green Library Information Center AI3.H8) Author/subject index to periodicals in fields such as area studies, folklore, history, language, literature, philosophy, religion & theology. Stanford only

PsycArticles Fulltext Search fulltext of articles in journals published by the American Psychological Association. Stanford only

Psycinfo (1887+) indexes and abstracts books, periodicals and other literature in psychology. Also Available from OVID.

Social Science Module from ProQuest - fulltext of journals in the social sciences.Stanford only

Social Sciences and Humanities Index (formerly International Index to Periodicals) 1907-1974. (Green Library Information Center AI3.S6)

Social Sciences Index, 1974+ (Green Library Information Center AI3S62) Author/subject index to periodicals in fields such as anthropology, economics, family studies, geography, international relations, law and criminology, political science, policy studies, psychology, social work, sociology, and urban studies.

Sociological Abstracts (1963+) Stanford only (1952-1973 shelved at Green Library Information Center HM1.S67) Indexes articles concerned spectrum of social behavior (individuals, small groups, large organizations, communities, institutions, and societies). Covers sociology and related disciplines such as anthropology, criminology, law, social psychology, urban studies, race relations, demography, and education.


Statistical Handbook of the World's Children (Green Library Information Center Statistical HQ767.9.K38 2002) Forum on Child and Family Statistics

Statistical Handbook on Adolescents in America (Green Library Information Center HQ796.S8237 1996)

Other Stanford Libraries

In addition to the resources in Green, you may well want to use the resources of other libraries on campus, especially:

Internet Resources

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