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Research Quick Start Guides

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Encyclopedias can provide useful descriptions, overviews, and often list recommended reading on a topic. These include encyclopedias in paper and electronic formats. Resources marked with the Stanford only icon are licensed for the non-profit educational use of Stanford University. If you are having problems accessing databases from off campus, see information on proxy access. For other indexes see the Databases A-Z and Green Library CD-ROMs lists.

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The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Civil Rights Movement (Green Library HASRC E185.61 G895 1993) A guide to the Civil Rights struggle from the end of the great Civil War to the present day. It contains concise, encyclopedic entries arranged in alphabetical order.

Abortion: A Reference Handbook, 2nd ed. (Green Library Information Center HQ767.5.U5 C67 1996) includes a chronology of opinion, biographical sketches, laws and cases, statistics, organizations, glossary, index, and a select bibliography.

The Abortion Debate in the United States and Canada: A Sourcebook (Green Library Information Center HQ767.5.U5M85 1991) "From the extensive and diverse literature, this book draws a collection of relevant materials primarily representing aspects of the sociological, philosophical, religious and legal aspects of the abortion issue."

Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints (Green Library Information Center HQ767.5.U5A266 1997)

AccessScience: The Online Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Stanford only

Adolescence in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ796 .A33247 2001)

The African American Almanac (Green Library Information Center E185 .N385 2000). Includes significant documents, a list of "Black Firsts," essays on history, art, film, the military, and organizations.

The African American Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center E185 A253 1993) A six volume set on the subject of African American life, contains bibliographies and essays on variety of topics. Broader in scope than the Encyclopedia of Black America (below).

Aging (Green Library Information Center HQ1061 .A42453 2000) articles on all aspects of aging. Includes references.

Aging in America A to Z. CQ Press (Green Library Information Center HQ1064 .U5 B379 2001) a "snapshot of the state of public policy at the beginning of the twenty-first

American Childhood: A Research Guide and Historical Handbook (Green Library SSRC& Stacks HQ792.U5A525 1985) gives overviews of various historical periods and issues such as child care.

American Indians (Green Library Information Center E76.2 A45 1995) This three volume set contains 1,129 articles covering a wide range of topics including personages, tribes, organizations, historical events, cultural traditions, and contemporary issues.

American National Biography (Green Library Information Center CT213.A68 1999) a successor to the Dictionary of American Biography that updates the entries and adds new ones, bringing it's coverage up to those who died prior to 1996. See the online version for updates. Stanford only

Asian American Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center E184. O6 A827 1995) This six volume set contains more than 2,000 entries ranging in length from brief definitions to 4,000 word essays, covers topics such as arts, education, government and politics, science and technology, sports and other fields. Also includes significant events as well as shifts and countershifts in U.S. immigration policy.

Asian American Almanac (Green Library Information Center E184. O6 A824 1995) Looks at more than 20 Asian American ethnic groups experiences, from immigration pattern to family life to employment.

Atlas of Asian-American History (Green Library Information Center E184 .O6 A89 2002 F)

Atlas of the North American Indian, rev. ed. (Green Library Information Center E77.W195 2000) presents information on Native North Americans in the U.S., Canada, and Middle American using text, as well as maps.

Atlas of the Renaissance (Green Library Information Center CB361.A89 1993f) oversized, look for on bottom shelf.


Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America (Green Library Information Center QH77 .N56 B43 2001)

Beacham's Guide to International Endangered Species (Green Library Information Center QL82 .B435 1998)

Black Women in America (Green Library Information Center E185.86 B543 1993) this two volume set contains biographies of individual Black women along with articles on organizations and topics (e.g. "Sexual Harassment," "Religion," "Beauty Culture") which played a central role in black women's history.

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of the American Revolution (Green Library Information Center E208.B635 1991) Articles written by specialists cover "all of the major topics related to the Revolution" including biographies and a chronological table.

The Borderlands Encyclopedia: A Digital Educational Resource on Contemporary United States-Mexico Border Issues (University of Texas at El Paso)

Boyhood in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ775.B635 2001)

BP Amoco Statistical Review of World Energy - world-wide statistics on oil, gas, coal, nuclear energy, hydroelectricity: Reserves, consumption, trade, etc.

Britannica Online Stanford only. Stanford only

British Writers (Green Library Information Center PR85.B688)


Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism (Green Library Information Center CB361.C26 1966) good starting point for cultural history.

The Cambridge History of Latin America (Green Library Information Center & Stacks F1410.C1834 1984)

The Canadian Encyclopedia online

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1917)

Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide (Green Library Information Center & Stacks PS153 .M4 C46 1985) offers a comprehensive guide to Chicano writers, periods, and genres. The scope of this book spans from 1521 through 1985. It contains biographical essays of Mexican-American writers (including selected bibliographies), as well as essays on subjects such as "Hispanic-Mexican Literature in the Southwest, 1521-1848," "Chicano Poetry," "Chicano Theatre," and "Chicano Children's Literature."

Children in Historical and Comparative Perspective (Green Library SSRC HQ767.87.C48 1991) looks at the history of children around the world through essays and bibliographies.

Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center E111.O744)

The Collins Encyclopedia of Military History: from 3500 B.C. to the Present,4th ed. (Green Library Information Center D25 .A2 D87 1993)

The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth ed.

A Companion to American Thought (Green Library Information Center E169.C685 1995) contains essays that cover "major concepts and thinkers in the diverse traditions of American thought" and the "key debates in the contemporary intellectual life of the United States." Suggestions for "further reading" follow each essay.

A Companion to Bioethics, 1998 (Green Library Information Center B72.B565 1991 v. 15) Designed as a guide to students of philosophy, this work provides essays on many aspects of bioethics with suggestions for further reading.

Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center HQ75.H63 1998) focuses on "the multifaceted international subculture self-identified lesbians and gay men have cultivated and refined in the second half of the 20th century."

Congress and the Nation (Green Library Information Center & SSRC KF49.C65) 1945+ Covers national government and politics during a given presidential term.

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (Latest 10 years in Green Library Information Center JK1.C663; earlier issues in Stacks; SSRC has 1957+) 1945-present. Highlights of individual Congressional sessions.

The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, third edition includes links to related articles.

A Concise Dictionary of Indian Tribes of North America, 1979 (Green Library Information Center E76.2 .L44) provides concise tribal profiles, with maps of language groups and culture areas.

Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center GE10.C68 1995) brief articles with suggestions for further reading.


Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery (Green Library Information Center E441. D53 1997) is the most comprehensive work of it's kind, including a chronology and articles on events, people, laws, and subjects related to slavery in the US. References to the best published sources on each subject are appended.

Dictionary of American Biography (Green Library Information Center E176.D56) An important source of biographical information on " persons who have made significant contributions to our national past." To be included a person must be dead. The latest supplement brings the coverage up through 1980. Articles include selected bibliographies. See the American National Biography for newer entries.

Dictionary of American History, 3rd. ed. (Green Library Information Center Ready Ref. Shelf E174 .D52 2003) the latest version of a classic encyclopedia of U.S. history with articles of varying lengths written by historians. Includes brief bibliographies.

Dictionary of Asian American History (Green Library Information Center, HASRC & Stacks E184.O6 D53 1986) contains essays on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; a section of significant laws, people, events and organizations; and a chronology.

Dictionary of Daily Life of Indians of the Americas, 1981 (Green Library Information Center E54.5 .D53) is a two-volume set containing entries on a variety of topics.

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Green Library Information Center PS129.D52 ) many volumes. Essay-length articles, more detailed than Contemporary Authors and covering historic as well as contemporary periods. Each volume has a theme (e.g., American Novelists Since World War II or Early Modern Russian Writers). Cumulative index in latest volume.

Dictionary of Mexican American History, 1981 (Green Library Information Center & HASRC, Stacks E184 .M5 M453) is an excellent introduction to the major figures, events, laws and organizations pertinent to Mexican American History. Includes a chronology, glossary, and the complete text of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Protocol of Queretaro.

Dictionary of National Biography (Green Library Information CenterDA28.D4) Standard national biography for Great Britain. Does not contain biographies of living persons.

Dictionary of Native American Mythology (Green Library Information Center E98 .R3. G4 1992) defines myth as any story that reflects the quality and character of a specific Native American culture, or of Native American cultures generally. Contains brief entries on different archetypes and how they are represented in different stories. Includes bibliography.

Dictionary of Scientific Biography (Green Library Information Center Q141.D5) for articles on "the principal mathematicians and natural scientists of all regions and all historical periods."

Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects Database - "data for the accurate assessment of the risks associated with the use of chemicals of enviromental concern."

Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas (Green Library Information Center. CB5.D52)

Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Green Library Information Center D114.D5 1982) covers through the 15th C.


Ecology and the Environment (Green Library Information Center GE50.C56 1997) articles "arranged chronologically by date of event," covering 1902 to 1996.

Encyclopedia of Adolescence (Green Library Information Center HQ796.E58 1991) articles cover "the range of concepts and topics involved in the scholarly and societal concern with adolescence."

Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights : from emancipation to the present (Green Library HASRC (Lane Room) and Stacks E185.61 .E54 1992 ) Contains over 800 short articles on a wide variety of individuals, organizations, events and court cases focussing on the period since emancipation.

The Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (Green Library Information Center E185.E54 1996) Nearly two-thirds of the entries are biographical. The rest deal with "events, historical eras, legal cases, areas of cultural achievement..., professions, sports, and places." Large essays by well-known scholars look at important events and issues.

Encyclopedia of African American Religions (Green Library Information Center BR563 .N4E53 1993) covers African American religious leaders and groups, and major issues raised by the development of African American religious life. Contains a chronology and a directory.

The Encyclopedia of Aging, 2nd ed. (Green Library SSRC HQ1061.E53 1995; Lane Medical Library has 2001 ed.) "A Comprehensive Resource in Gerontology and Geriatrics." Includes sections on the family and related topics with references listed just before the index.

Encyclopedia of American Economic History, 1980 (Green Library SSRC HC103.E52) Substantial essays by specialists on various aspects of "the collective American economic experience." Includes bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume (Green Library Information Center E98 .C8 P37 1994) Entries are arranged by culture area, then by traditional tribal groupings. This resource examines men's and women's basic dress, as well as footwear, outer wear, headgear, jewelry, hairstyles, garment decoration, armor, special costumes, and transitional dress. Contains illustrations and a glossary, as well as an extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia of American Social History (Green Library Information Center HN57.E58 1992) Lengthy essays on topics such as race, ethnicity, regionalism, labor, family, technology, popular culture, education, etc. with good bibliographies.

The Encyclopedia of American Political History (Green Library Information Center E183 .E48 2001)

Encyclopedia of American Political History (Green Library Information Center & Stacks E183.E5 1984) Long articles detailing major issues, themes, institutions, processes and developments. Includes bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (Green Library Information Center BJ63.E53 1998) Provides long essays on a wide variety of topics from abortion, biotechnology, and euthanasia to fetal research and genetic engineering. Each essays includes a bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Asian History (Green Library Information Center DS31.E53 1988)

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Bioethics Stanford only (Green Library Information Center QH332.E52 2004) includes detailed articles and selected lists of sources.

Encyclopedia of Birth Control. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ766 .E52 2001)

Encyclopedia of Black America, 1981 (Green Library Information Center E185 .E55) is a comprehensive resource to all aspects of African American life: contains articles and brief biographical entries. "Bibliographies/Biographies/Guides" (pp. 174-179) cites many useful sources.

Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (Green Library Information Center GN307.E52 1996) includes an essay on "Family and Household Structure," plus related topics.

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying (Green Library Information Center HQ1073 .E543 2001) medium length articles on a broad range of topics connected with death. Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Environmental Studies. Facts on File (Green Library Information Center TD9.A84 2001) Short entries.

Encyclopedia of Ethics (Green Library Information Center BJ63.E45 1992) in two volumes, includes long overview articles, annotated bibliographies, and a subject thesaurus.

Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000 (Green Library Information Center HN373.E63 2001)

  • Vol. 4 Gender, Family, Sexuality, Body & Mind, and Work

Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (Green Library Information Center & Stacks HQ76.25.E53 1990)

Encyclopedia of Human Biology (Green Library Information Center QP11.E53 1991) gives overviews of the physical side of bioethical and other issues.

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (Green Library Information Center BF31.E5 1994) Start with the index at the end of vol. 4 to identify family-related topics.

Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture Stanford only

Encyclopaedia of Islam (Green Library Information Center DS37.E523) also on Information Center CD-ROM cluster machines 5 and 6.

Encyclopaedia Judaica (Green Library Information Center DS102.8.E496) also on Information Center CD-ROM cluster machine #1 - "includes the complete text of the original 16-volume edition of the Encyclop¾dia Judaica, as well as, the subsequent 8 Year Books, and 2 Decennials, published in 1982 and 1992 respectively, plus selected updates"

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family (Green Library Information Center HQ9 .E52 1995) articles of varying size with long bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics (Green Library Information Center E184 .A1 E574 2000; also available on ebrary - download reader before using ebrary for the first time) "entries cover people, events, court cases, movements, and organizations that have shaped the political struggles of African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans."

Encyclopedia of Native American Religions: An Introduction (Green Library Information Center E98 .R3 H73 2000) covers the spiritual traditions of native peoples in the U.S. and Canada before contact with the Americans and the Europeans, and the consequences of this contact on sacred traditions and contemporary religious experiences.

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, rev. ed. (Green Library Information Center E76.2 .W35 1999) covers the history, culture, and present status of more than 150 Indian tribes of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Encyclopedia of Medical History (Green Library Information Center R133.M34 1985)

Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology , 4th ed. (Green Library Information Center BF1407.E52 1996)

Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Population (Green Library Social Sciences Resource Center HB871.E538 2003) articles on induced abortion, infanticide, birth control and fertility control as well as feminist perspectives on population issues with bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Psychology, APA (Green Library Information Center BF31 .E52 2000) contains articles of varying length.

Encyclopedia of Reagents of Organic Synthesis Stanford only

The Encyclopedia of Religion (Green Library Information Center & Stacks BL31.E46 1987)

Encyclopedia of Social Work, 19th ed. 1995 (Green Library Information Center HV35.E5) contains lengthy articles and bibliographies on topics.

Encyclopedia of Sociology (Green Library Information Center HM17.E5 1992)

Encyclopedia of Soil Science Stanford only

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (Green Library Information Center and Stacks F209 .E53 1989)

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (Green Library Information Center KF4548.E53 1986; Law has 2000 ed.) Entries arranged in alphabetical order cover doctrinal concepts of constitutional law, people, judicial decisions, public acts, and historical periods.

Encyclopedia of the American Left, 2nd ed. (Green Library Information Center HX86.E58 1998) Alphabetically arranged entries highlight the history of the American Left, placing "a strong emphasis upon radicals--anarchists, socialists, and communists."

Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System (Green Library Information Center & Stacks KF154.E53 1987) Lengthy essays cover the history, institutions, personnel, and types of law. Includes bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency (Green Library Information Center JK511.E53 1993) Articles from multidisciplinary perspectives cover each president's life in office, the powers and prerogatives of the office, and the multiple roles of the President.

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience (Green Library Information Center BL2525.E53 1988) Scholarly essays look at "the total scope of religious activity" and its

An Encyclopedia of the History of Technology (Green Library Information Center T15.E53 1996)

Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies (Green Library Information Center E45.E53 1993) Scholarly essays looks at the colonies from a variety of perspectives, including topics such as the first Americans, racial interaction, families, religion, folkways, economic life, labor systems, government and law, the arts, language, and literature.

The Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (Green Library Information Center CB361.B43 1988)

The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress (Green Library Information Center JK1067.E63 1995) Comprehensive essays cover major themes related to Congress including its history. These are complemented by shorter articles on a wide variety topics.

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century (Green Library Information Center E740.7.E53 1996) Sizeable essays by leading historians examine the major themes of the 20th century: people, politics, foreign involvement, science, technology & medicine, the economy, and culture. Includes bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Themes and Subjects in Painting (Green Library Information Center ND1288.D3 1971)

Encyclopedia of Youth and War: Young People as Participants and Victims (Green Library Information Center HQ784 .W3 S54 2000)

The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft (Green Library Information Center BF1566.G85 1989)

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender (Green Library Information Center HQ1115 .E52 2001B) "comprehensive coverage of the many topics that encompass current research...on the psychology of women and gender.

Encyclopedia of World Art (Green Library Information Center N31.E533f)

Encyclopedia of World Biography (Green Library Information Center CT103 .E56 1998 and part of Biography Resource Center on Web) 18 volumes that cover all time periods. Many pictures. Indexes by name, ideas, place, profession. Stanford only

The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Environmental Change (Green Library SSRC GE10 .E536 2001) "the science of encrionmental change, but [also] the social, economic and political dimensions of environmental issues, environmental problems, conservation, management and policy aspects." Mostly short entries with sources for further reading.

Endangered Species : A Reference Handbook (Green Library Information Center QL82 .S49 1998)

The Environment A to Z (Green Library Information Center GE10 .H67 2001)

Environmental Activism : A Reference Handbook (Green Library Information Center GE195 .S88 2003)

European Writers: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Green Library Information Center PN501.E9 1983) Lengthy scholarly articles cover each writer's works and life, plus essays on genre


The Family in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ536.H365 2001) tracks "the role and dynamic of the family in the U.S. from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day."

Family Research (Green Library SSRC HQ518.F3428 1991) "a comprehensive review of family research from 1930 to 1990....For each decade, the authors review some of the noteworthy studies, discuss theoretical and methodological trends, and identify some of the key studies and findings."


Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (Green Library Information Center & Bender Room E184. A1 G14 1995) This two volume set contains over one hundred essays addressing a distinct ethnic, ethno-religious, or Native American group in the United States. Entries include Asian Indian Americans, Cambodian Americans, Chinese Americans, Hmong Americans, Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, Pakistani Americans, Samoan Americans, and Thai Americans.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (Green Library Information Center E77 .G15 1998).

Girlhood in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library HASRC HQ777.G5745 2001)

Global Environment Outlook 3: Past, Present and Future Perspectives. UNEP (Green Library Information Center GE170.G5625 2002) "an overview of major developments between 1972 and 2002 highlights significant milestones and integrates environmental, economic and social factors within a unified world view."

The Graying of America : An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind, and Behavior (Green Library Information Center HQ1064 .U5 K39 2001)

Grove Dictionary of Art Stanford only

Guide to the Presidency, 3rd. ed. (Green Library Information Center JK516 .C57 2002) Comprehensive guide explaining origin, evolution, and contemporary workings of the presidency.

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court (Green Library Information Center KF8742.W567 1990; Law has 1997 ed.) Multifaceted work which offers history and major decisions of the court.


Halls Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art (Green Library Information Center N7560.H34 1979)

Handbook of American Women's History (Green Library Information Center HQ1410 .H36 2000) provides "entries for those events, organizations, concepts, and individuals" central to the history of women in the United States.

Handbook of Child Psychology, 5th ed. (Green Library SSRC BF721.H242 1997) long, scholarly articles with lengthy bibliographies.

Handbook of Environmental Sociology (Green Library SSRC GE195.H35 2002)

Handbook of European History, 1400-1600: Late Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation (Green Library Information Center D203.H36 1994) 2 volumes.

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Anthropology (Green Library Information Center E184 .S75 H365 1993 v. 4) Compares the culture of Hispanic groups in the United States--Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and others from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Topics examined include: ethnicity, intergroup relations, language and culture, technology and material culture, family, marriage and kinship, religion and ritual, patterns of health and disease, schooling processes, and political activity and organization.

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: History ( Green Library Information Center E184 .S75 H365 1993 v. 2) Examines the historical background of Hispanic cultures in the United States, placing considerable attention on Spanish Culture, both in its European origins and its development in the New World.

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Literature and Art (Green Library Information Center E184 .S75 H365 1993) Contains 15 essays on topics such as the "Historical Overview of Puerto Rican Literature in the United States, " Cuban Literature in the United States," "Aesthetic Concepts of Hispanics in the United States," "Hispanic Oral Tradition," "Hispanic and "Afro-Hispanic Music," "Latino Cinema," "Hispanic Exile," and the "Spanish-Language Press."

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Sociology (Green Library Information Center E184 .S75 H3657 1994) Contains 15 essays on topics ranging from the development of the Hispanic community from 1776-1992, to the Latino immigration experience, Latinos in American politics, family life, religious life, the experience of Chicana and Latina women, ethnic identity, and mass communications and Hispanics (including information on employment and portrayals).

Handbook of Marriage and the Family, 2nd ed. (Green Library SSRC HQ518.H154 1999) lengthy articles by scholars with long biographies "to provide current trends and analyses of the contemporary research, theory, and intervention strategies that contribute to our understanding of families.

Handbook of North American Indians (Green Library Information Center E77. H25) is a 20 volume series in progress which will cover aboriginal cultures and their histories in each of the culture areas of North America.

Handbook of the American Frontier: Four Centuries of Indian-White Relationships (Green Library Information Center E76.2 .H43 1987) is a two-volume set with brief articles in dictionary arrangement about American Indian tribes and leaders, explorers, traders, frontier settlers, soldiers, missionaries, mountain men, and captives.

Handbook on Women and Aging (Green Library Information Center HQ1059.5.U5H36 1997) "The intent in each chapter is to discuss the state of knowledge and the most current research on....A wide variety of subjects reflecting many areas of the lives of midlife and older women."

The Harlem Renaissance: An Historical Dictionary for the Era (Green Library Information Center and Stacks NX511 .N4H37 1984) is a source book of important people, works of art, places and other facets of this 1920's period.

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, 1980 (Green Library Information Center E184 .A1 H35) provides an excellent introduction to prehistory, history, and cultures of Native Americans.

Hispanic Writers: A Selection of Sketches from Contemporary Authors (Green Library Information Center PQ 7081.3 H58 1991) Contains biographical and bibliographical information on more that 400 authors who are part of 20th century Hispanic literature and culture in the Americas.

Hispanics in Hollywood: an Encyclopedia on Film and Television (Green Library HASRC PN1995.9 .H47 R49 2000 ) Contains synopses of films and television shows, as well as brief biographies of Hispanic actors and filmmakers.

Historical and Multicultural Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Rights in the United States (Green Library Information Center HQ766.5.U5H57 2002)

Historical Dictionary of North American Environmentalism (Green Library Information Center GE10 .W45 1997)

A History of Technology (Green Library Information Center T15.S56)

A History of the Family (Green Library SSRC HQ503.H5713 1996) - a translation of a 1986 French publication with individual chapters written by experts covering the family from antiquity to modern times.


Infancy in America : An Encyclopedia. ABC-CLIO (Green Library Information Center HQ774.I528 2001)

International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics (Green Library Information Center GE 170.I55 2002) Mostly short entries with sources for further reading.

Intermational Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family

International Encyclopedia of Psychology (Green Library Information Center BF31.I58 1996) Start with the index at the end of vol. 2 to identify family-related topics.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Green Library SSRC H41 .I58 2001) articles reflecting not only the canonical social sciences such as economics, political science, sociology and psychology, but also "the biological and cultural 'co-construction' of behavior and society." Stanford only


Japanese American History : an A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present (HASRC & Stacks E184 .J3 J3355 1993) Consists of three major parts: a narrative historical overview, a chronology of Japanese American history and dictionary entries pertaining to the history of Japanese Americans.

Jewish-American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center E184.J5J48 1992) Covers a wide range of topics including historical events and figures, literature and arts, religious life, organizations, and contributions to public life.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906)


Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Stanford only

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan Stanford only


The Latino Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center E 184 .S75 L357 1996, vols 1-6). This six volume set contains entries on people, organizations, geographic locations, history, entertainment, military activity, religion, family life, court cases, cultural movements, and other facets of life that have unique expression among Latinos.

Legend and Lore of the Americas before 1492 : an Encyclopedia of Visitors, Explorers, and Immigrants (Green Library Information Center E61. A72 1993) 216 alphabetically arranged entries that provide brief introductions to significant persons, authors, places, concepts, and groups associated with pre-Columbian visitors to the Americas.

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800 (Green Library Information Center & Stacks PN86.L53) excerpts of criticism, both past and present.


Marriage, Family, and Relationships: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center GN480.B76 1994) medium length essays and bibliographies on various aspects of family and sexuality.

Masterpieces of African-American Literature (Green Library Information Center PS153.N5 M264 1992) Contains 149 essays on works of literature by African American Authors, arranged alphabetically by title.

Masterpieces on Latino Literature (Green Library Information Center PQ7081. A1 M29 1994) Contains plot summaries and brief critical analysis of fiction, non-fiction as well as poetry, plays, short stories and essays of notable Latino writers and thinkers, including Laura Esquivel, Sandra Cisneros, Luis Miguel Valdez, Oscar Hijuelos, and Raymond Barrio.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Environmental Science & Engineering (Green Library Information Center GE10.M38 1993) long articles with bibliographies.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama, 2nd ed. (Green Library Information Center PN1625.M3 1984)

A Milton Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center PR3580.M5) covers life and work of Milton.

MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences Stanford only

The Moral Imagination: Confronting the Ethical Issues of Our Day (Green Library Information Center BJ1031.T57 1995) Though not an encyclopedia, this book tries "to collect the best arguments on all sides of the debates over abortion , suicide, euthanasia, capital punishment, and racial justice."


Native America in the Twentieth Century (Green Library Information Center E76.2 .N36 1994) Arranged alphabetically, this encyclopedia contains overview articles on such subjects as art, economic conditions, educational policy, government policy, health, languages, law, public opinion, Red Power, religion, and reservations.

Native Americans: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Peoples (Green Library Information Center E77.P89 1988) 2 vols.

Native North American Almanac (Green Library Information Center E77 .N37 1994) provides information on contemporary Native American culture, arts, communities, life, and legal relations. Contains maps, chronology, and a general bibliography.

Native North American Literature (Green Library Information Center PS508 .I5N38 1994) provides biographical and critical information on historical and contemporary Native American writers and orators from the United States and Canada. Also contains commentary on Native oral traditions as stories, myths and songs.

New Cambridge Modern History (Green Library Information Center & Stacks D208.N4) lengthy scholarly essays.

New Catholic Encyclopedia (2nd ed. Green Library Information Center BX841.N44 2003; 1st ed. in Green Library Stacks BX841 .C25 1967)

New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians 2nd ed. (paper version shelved in Music Library Ref. ML100.G883 2001) Stanford only

New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics (Green Library Information Center Ready Ref. PN1021 .N39 1993)


Occupational Outlook Handbook Stanford only

Older Americans Almanac: A Reference Work on Seniors in the United States (Green Library Information Center HQ1064.U5O416 1994)

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation (Green Library Information Center BR302.8.O93 1966) 4 volumes.

The Oxford History of the American West (Green Library Information Center F591.O95 1994) Chapters deal with larger concepts and themes in the history of the American West, arranged chronologically with bibliographic notes.

The Oxford History of the Prison (Green Library SSRC HV8501.O94 1995)


PCWebopedia, "online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology."


Rainforests of the World - A Reference Handbook (Green Library Information Center QH541.5.R27G39 2001) Includes an overview of rainforests, deforestation and conservation, chronologies, biographical sketches, statistics, and a directory of organizations. Annotated bibliography of print and non-print sources. Glossary.

Recycling in America: A Reference Handbook, 2nd ed. (Green Library Information Center TD794.5.S77 1997) contains an overview, chronology, biographical sketches, data, directory of organizations and online resources, bibliography, glossary, and index.

Reference Library of Asian America (Green Library Information Center E184 .O6 R45 1995) This three volume set looks at various topics, such as different Asian American groups, significant documents, interracial relations, civil rights, religion, theatre, sports, and speeches.

Refugees in the United States (Green Library Information Center E184 .A1 R43 1985) includes chapters on Chinese from Southeast Asia, Hmong, Khmer, Laotians and Vietnamese. A bibliography indexes predominantly journal articles.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy also in paper (Green Library Information Center B51 .R68 1998) Stanford only

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women : Global Women's Issues and Knowledge (Green Library Information Center HQ1115 .R69 2000) articles vary in length and include suggestions for further reading


Shakespearean Criticism (Green Library Information Center & Stacks PR2965.S43) excerpts of criticism, both past and present.

A Sourcebook on Children and Television (Green Library SSRC HQ784.T4S5 1991)


Talmudic Encyclopedia in HAS-DIG (Humanities and Area Studies Room, 2nd floor Green Library Bing Wing) - A digest of Halachic literature and Jewish law from the Tannaitic period to the present time.


Television and the American Child (Green Library SSRC HQ784.T4C69 1991) attempts to synthesize and discuss the research on television and children.

Toxic Waste Site: An Encyclopedia of Endangered America (Green Library Information Center TD 1040.C73 1997)


Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry Stanford only

The United States in the First World War: An Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center D510.U65 1995) Covers domestic issues as well as military in entries of varying length with short bibliographies.


Weapons: An International Encyclopedia from 5000 BC to 2000 A.D. (Green Library Information Center U800.D55 1980)

Women's Studies Encyclopedia, revised and expanded edition. (Green Library Information Center HQ1115 W645 1999) "contains information about women from all fields and disciplines of study." Articles vary in length and include references.

Work and Family in America : A Reference Handbook (Green Library Information Center HD4904.25.S84 2001)

World At Risk : A Global Issues Sourcebook (Green Library Information Center JZ1242 .W67 2002)


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