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Research Quick Start Guides


For Sports issues related to ethnicity and gender, see also guides on African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Women in History, and Women in Society.

When searching Socrates, it helps to know the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). One method of identifying the subject headings is by checking the Library of Congress Subject Headings. One method is to locate material you know is on the your topic by doing an author (A) and/ or title (T) search. Then look at the long display to see what SUBJECT HEADINGS have been assigned.

Here are the most common SUBJECT HEADINGS:

  • Sports
  • Athletics
  • Games

To search in Socrates for specific subjects within the broader subject of sports, you might do a COMBINED SEARCH, with "sports" in the SUBJECT field, and your specific issue, such as "psychology", "journalism", "business", "economic aspects", "history", etc., in the EVERYTHING field.

Guides to Information and Research Methods

Guides to Information and Research Methods can help you get started.

Unique games and sports around the world : a reference guide (Green Library Information Center GV1201.38 .U55 2001)

Handbook of sports studies (Green Library Information Center GV558 .H36 2000)

Sports : a reference guide and critical commentary, 1980-1999 (Green Library Information Center GV704 .D42 2000)

Sports and Education: a reference Handbook (Green Library Information Center GV346 .F73 2003)

Handbook of sport psychology (Green Library Stacks GV706.4 .H37 2001 F)

Handbook of research on sport psychology (Green Library Stacks GV706.4 .H37 1993)

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries in Green Information Center

Encyclopedias and dictionaries can provide useful descriptions, overviews, and lists of references. The Green Library Information Center is a great place to begin your research. Between the call numbers GV207 - GV1201 there are encyclopedias, bibliographies, and statistical almanacs, covering general sports and specific sports, such as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Ice Hockey, and Olympic Sports. Also, within this call number range, are encyclopedias on sports histories and biographies pertaining to athletes of particular ethnic groups or gender. Below is a sample of what you will find there. The books in the Information Center will help you get started, and as you decide on more specific topics areas within the subject of sport, you will find more books and materials in the Green Stacks, and other libraries on campus.

Encyclopedia of world sport : from ancient times to the present. (Green Library Information Center GV567 .E56 1996) Each of the three volumes contains signed essays concerning various sports or sports topics. Sports entries range from acrobatics to yachting and attempt to give an international rather than just an American perspective. In addition to its coverage of individual sports, the Encyclopedia examines the history and evolution of sport as a societal institution as well as the events and influences shaping the contemporary sporting world.

Sports in North America - A documentary history. (Green Library Information Center GV581 .S655 1992) This 8-volume set (to be expanded to 12 in the future) documents the development of the spectrum of sports in the United States and Canada from colonial times to the present (existing volumes cover up to 1940), including excerpts from legal documents, essays, news and journal articles, and diaries.

The Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball (Green Library Information Center GV877 .N43 1994)

The Baseball Encyclopedia: the complete and official record of Major League Baseball (Green Library Information Center GV877 .B27 1990)

The sports encyclopedia. Pro basketball [1891-1990] (Green Library Information Center GV885.5 .N44 1990)

The sports encyclopedia : Pro football, the modern era, 1960-1990 (Green Library Information Center GV955 .N43 1990)

Encyclopedia of Women and Sports (Green Library Information Center GV709.S44 1996) provides an overview of the history of women in sports followed by articles (with references) on individuals, organizations, sports, and issues. Includes timeline, bibliography, and an index.

The Women's Sports Encyclopedia (Green Library Information Center GV709 .W589 1997)

Encyclopedia of ethnicity and sports in the United States (Green Library HASRC (Lane Room) GV709.5 .E83 2000 Non-circulating)


Outstanding women athletes : who they are and how they influenced sports in America (Green Library Information Center GV697 .A1 W69 1998)

The encyclopedia of twentieth-century athletes.(Green Library Information Center GV697.A1 M355 2001)
From the Facts on File Sports Library - contains bibliographic references.

A who's who of sports champions : their stories and records (Green Library Information Center GV697.A1 H53 1995)

Biographical dictionary of American sports. Outdoor sports (Green Library Information Center GV697.A1 B49 1988)

Biographical dictionary of American sports. 1989-1992 supplement for baseball, football, basketball, and other sports (Green Library Information Center GV697 .A1 B494 1992)

Black olympian medalists (Green Library Information Center GV697 .A1 P284 1991)

Who was who in American sports. (Green Library Information Center GV697.A1 H5)

Biographical dictionary of American sports. Baseball (Green Library Information Center GV865.A1 B55 1987)

Encyclopedia of Jews in sports (1965) (Green Library Stacks GV697 .A1 P58)

The encyclopedia of twentieth-century athletes (Green Library Information Center GV697 .A1 M355 2001) From the Facts on File Sports Library Series.


Bibliographies can help you identify books and articles on a subject. Many of the following include short descriptions called annotations.

International sport : a bibliography, 2000 : including, index to sports history journals, conference proceedings and essay collection (Green Library Stacks Z7511 .C77 2003)

Latin American sport : an annotated bibliography, 1988-1998 (Green Library Stacks Z7515 .L29 A73 1999)

The Olympics : a bibliography (Green Library Information Center Z7514 .O5 M35 1984)

Women in Sport: A Select Bibliography (Green Library Information Center Z7963.S6S56 1987)

Women in Sport: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide, 1900-1990 (Green Library Information Center Z7963.S6R45 1991)

Sport in Britain : a bibliography of historical publications, 1800-1987 (Green Library Information Center Z7515 .G7 C69 1991)

British sport : a bibliography to 2000 (Green Library Stacks Z7515 .G7 C68 2003 Volumes 1-3)

The sports pages : a critical bibliography of twentieth-century American novels and stories featuring baseball, basketball, football, and other athletic pursuits (Green Library Stacks Z1231.S66 B87 1987)

If you peruse the books in the Green Library stacks in call number range GV207 - GV1201, you will find more books on these subjects, often more focused on more precise aspects of a sport or a social issue pertaining to sports. For example, if you are interested in economic aspects of sport, you will find books like The economics of sports in the Green Library Stacks GV583 .E36 2000. If you are interested in sports journalism and literature, you will find books like The Picador book of sportswriting (Green Library Stacks GV707 .P53 1996).


Indexes can help you identify articles in scholarly journals and other resources. These include indexes in paper and electronic formats. Resources marked with the icon are licensed for the non-profit educational use of Stanford University. If you are having problems accessing databases from off campus, see information on proxy access. For other indexes see the All Databases and Green Library CD-ROMs lists.

Expanded Academic ASAP general index to over 1500 magazines with some fulltext (1980+)

America: History and Life (1964+) covers U.S> and Canadian History.

Historical Abstracts (1965+) covers world history except U.S. & Canada.

LexisNexis Academic - selected Lexis-Nexis files especially good for fulltext news, business, and law information. Limited to Stanford students, faculty, and staff.

PsycArticles Fulltext Search fulltext of articles in journals published by the American Psychological Association.

Psycinfo (1887+) indexes and abstracts books, periodicals and other literature in psychology. Also Available from OVID.

Social Science Module from ProQuest - fulltext of journals in the social sciences.

Sociological Abstracts (1963+) (1952-1973 shelved at Green Library Information Center HM1.S67)

For sports issues relating to particular ethnic groups and genders, the following databases may be helpful:

Contemporary Women's Issues (1992+, full-text via the Web) reports, articles, and newsletters on issues affecting women.

Ethnic News Watch (1960+) full-text database of newspapers, magazines and journals (in English or Spanish) of the ethnic and minority press.

Gender Watch formerly: Women R (1982+) fulltext articles, newsletters, reports focused on gender and women's issues.

Chicano Database (1967+) includes some citations for earlier years.

Index to Black Periodicals (1984+ Green Library Information Center Z1361 .N39 I55 ; also 1988+ on Black Studies on Disc) (Formerly: Index to Periodical Articles by and about Blacks 1950-69; 1971-83).


Lexis Nexis Statistical essential index to many statistical resources, plus access to U.S. Statistical Abstract and links to other resources.

Professional Sports Statistics (Green Library Information Center GV581 .G37 1997) a North American team-by-team and major non-team events, year-by-year reference, 1876 through 1996.

Intercollegiate athletics [microform] : comparison of selected characteristics for men's and women's programs / United States General Accounting Office, Health, Education and Human Services Division. (Green Library SSRC Microfiche GA 1.13:HEHS-99-3 R)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Green Library Ready Reference HA202.A483) published annually, it gathers together a wealth of statistical information from a variety of governmental and non-governmental sources.

Other Stanford Libraries

In addition to the resources in Green, you may well want to use the resources of other libraries on campus, especially:

Internet Resources

  • Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles Digital Archive contains over 30,000 PDF documents that are searchable in full text, including (and continuing to be updated)
    • ASSH Bulletin (1985-2001)
    • NASSH Proceedings (1973-2000)
    • Outing (1883-1899)
    • ASSH Studies in Sports History (1987-99)
    • Olympic Official Reports Revue Olympique (1894-2000)
    • Baseball Magazine (1914-16)
    • Sport Management Review (1998-2001)
    • International Sports Studies (1999-2000)
    • Olympic Research Symposia (1992-2000)
    • Sporting Traditions (1984-2000)
    • Iron Game History (1990-2000)
    • Olympic Review (1901-2001)
    • Olympic Oral Histories
    • Journal of Sport History (1974-2000)
    • Journal of Olympic History (1992-2001)
Phyllis Kayten, Sr. Reference Specialist, Information Center
Cecil H. Green Library, Stanford University Libraries

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