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SUL/AIR Staff Directory
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Web Instructions

Form for Cataloging Internet Resources or Listing Them on the Web
(SUL/AIR Subject Specialists Only)

Instructions for SUL/AIR Web Authors
These instructions have recently been updated (January 2000). Please refer to these instructions when revising or creating Web pages in the SUL/AIR Web space.

Technical Services Instructions

Socrates II Staff Training Handout

Zen of Unicorn Documentation
Unicorn Searches Qualified by Matching on Exact, Keyword or Partial
Unicorn Commands by Login

Unicorn Circulation Documentation
Transfer of Documents to SAL: Preparatory Work
Procedure For Handling Billed Overdues
Circ Related Record Formats
Procedure For Handling "Patron Notifies"
Circ Units/Op Mngrs/Generic Email Addresses
Claims Returned Procedures
"Profile Names" in User Records
Bad Addresses Procedure
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