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Rosette ImageStanford-Related EndNote Connection Files

Connection files let you search a database from within EndNote and download citations directly. Files are available for Socrates, Stanford's on-line library catalog, and for databases that Stanford purchases from OCLC. These files work only if you are on the Stanford University Network (SUNet). For off-campus access to OCLC files, see the separate instructions for downloading OCLC citations through the Web.


You can connect directly to Stanford University's on-line library catalog using this:

Stanford Catalog connection file

Windows users simply need to download the file into the EndNote Connections directory. Macintosh users should look at these instructions for installing the file on a Macintosh. Once the file is installed, it will be listed as "StanfordCatalog-01" in the EndNote connections list.

OCLC Connection Files

OCLC provides connection files for all the databases to which Stanford subscribes, such as FirstSearch, Books in Print, ERIC, MLA, and others. Only the latest files work properly, so, to make sure you have the right file, you should download the latest connection file for each database from the EndNote Web site.. Various versions of EndNote may come with files that say they are for use with Stanford systems. All such files are obsolete and should not be used to try to connect to OCLC.

To see a list of available databases:

To download and use connection files:

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