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A Century of Western Living, 1898-1998
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This site is the Web version of “Sunset Magazine: 1889--1998,” a book published on the one-hundreth anniversary of the magazine by Stanford University Libraries. The various parts that make up this site are described bellow.

The site consists of 125 pages. It uses frames and is optimized for Netscape Navigator 4.

 The "Theme" and "Covers" sections of the site consist mainly of photographic images and illustrations with captions. The "Introduction", "History", and "Resources" sections are primarily essay text. The "Search" section provides a variety of ways to access the 9,400 entry Bibliography and Index.

The introduction contains some useful comments for the viewer about the contents of the site and the similar book published by Stanford and answers to some basic questions, such as Why the bibliography?  and Why has Stanford produced this work?

Several historical portraits of Sunset's hundred years of publishing are located here, including:  reminiscences by L.W. "Bill" Lane and Melvin B. Lane, both former publishers of Sunset, providing valuable insights about the business aspects of magazine and book publishing; an examination of the cultural and political influences and impact of Sunset by California State Librarian and noted author Kevin Starr; a series of essays about how each of the four owners of Sunset have defined and run the magazine by Tomas Jaehn, Curator for American and British History at Stanford University Libraries.

Sunset is, of course, well known for its intense use of graphics, and we felt it important to document this aspect of the magazine with several hundred representative images, grouped thematically.  Enjoy an exploration through some of these themes for an alternate glimpse at the variety and focal interests that have sustained Sunset and its readership.

One cannot always judge a book by its cover, but one can glean quite a bit about the world of Sunset by perusing the sampling of magazine and book covers (a small fraction of the over 1200 Sunset covers to date).

Search (Bibliography & Index)
This section provides access to two databases: one includes citations for 9,400 of the more significant articles published in Sunset between May 1898 and May 1998, organized by major topics; the other lists over 900 Sunset books published between 1933 and early 1998. The viewer may browse or search these databases and related indices in various ways, either to research specific subjects or to review the breadth and depth of Sunset coverage over the last century.

A lists resources or tools to help the interested viewer: obtain Sunset articles or out-of-print books, subscribe to Sunset, or access current Sunset magazine content on the Web is located here.


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