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  • Introduction to the Stanford Initiative for the Maximization of Language Resources:

You can find general information about the Initiative and its mission by clicking on the button. 


  • The Initiative's Current Research Project:                        

The language heritage initiative is currently studying successful Latino professionals in California, their use of Spanish in professional settings, and the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language in California.  To learn more about the Project, click the button to link to the Project's web page.


  • The Initiative's Research Affiliates:

The Stanford Initiative for the Maximization of Language Resources is funded by the Spencer Foundation Foundation.

ain research affiliates:

Joshua Fishman
<> co-principal investigator and co-director, Distinguished University Research Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus, Yeshiva University (New York) and Visiting Professor of Education at Stanford University.
Person web page:

Guadalupe Valdés
<>;  Co-principal investigator and co-director, Professor of Educationand Spanish at Stanford University. 

Rebecca Chavez <
bekcheez@Stanford.EDU> is the principal research assistant.  

          Learn more about our affiliates by selecting the "Affiliates" button.


  • Research Bibliographies:

We have compiled bibliographies related to the research and teaching of heritage language issues. Included are a Heritage Language Research bibliography, a Language and Ethnicity Research bibliography, a bibliography of Dialect in Education and Bilingualism in Education.

You can access all of these bibliographies by selecting the button above to link that page. 


  • Links:

Related sites dealing with language heritage initiatives, language research and language teaching resources can also be found at this web site.

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  • Contact Information:Information:

           Stanford Initiative for the 
           Maximization of Language Resources
           c/o Rebecca Chavez
           CERAS Building Room #215
           Stanford University 
            Stanford, CA 94309
           (650) 736-1513


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