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  • Quechua

    • CyberQuechua-- maintained by SSILA member Serafin Coronel-Molina, with pages devoted to academics, literature and culture, translation work, bibliography of Quechua, linguistics, and news about Quechua.

    • Fun Facts to Know and Tell about Quechua- by Mark Rosenfelder. Basic facts on phonology, grammar, dialects, etc.

    • !Viva el Perú!-- Frequently updated list of sites on Peru and on Quechua, maintained by David Brantley


  • Salishan

    • To join a discussion group for Salishan languages and cultures, including current events, contact the moderator, David Robertson:

  • Shoshoni

    • Shoshoni Language Homepage (Idaho State University) - sections include new words in Shoshoni (including computer terms like "homepage"), new writing in Shoshoni, language lessons, and a thesaurus and dictionary.


  • Sioux (Dakota/Lakota)

  • The Taino Language Project-- A project that endeavors to reconstruct the extinct Taino (Arawak) of the Caribbean. A Native American project of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc.

  • Wyandot Language vocabulary; multimedia files ("a sort of on-line multimedia Wyandot Sesame Steet")

  • Yukon Languages

  • Zoque-- a dictionary of San Miguel Chimalpa Zoque is posted at the PDLMA site.

Concern for Endangered Languages



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