Urban Education


Why Urban Education? 

Providing education that is both high in quality and fair to all is one of the greatest challenges facing cities today.  This concentration prepares students for careers in educational policy and practice.  It is a popular choice for students who have been admitted by the Stanford School of Education to pursue a coterminal master’s degree in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) or the Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies Program (POLS).


The advisor for this concentration is David Labaree.  (Email) (Read more

Special Programs and Opportunities

Application and admission to a coterminal degree in the School of Education’s STEP and POLS programs occurs during the Autumn Quarter of the junior year and is handled by the School of Education. Students planning to pursue a coterminal master’s should take one of the three practica: EDUC 103A, B, and C (for the STEP elementary coterm); EDUC 101X (for the STEP secondary coterm); or EDUC 270A (for the POLS coterm).

Opportunities to obtain teaching and advising experience are available in nearby schools through programs administered by the Haas Center for Public Service and through courses offered by the School of Education.

Students who choose this concentration may be eligible for the undergraduate honors program of the School of Education , in which case they should enroll in EDUC 199A,B, or C during their senior year.

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Required Course

The following course is required for the Urban Education concentration:
EDUC 112X. Urban Education

Additional Courses

The following courses may be counted toward the Urban Education concentration. Please consult with your advisor to select a program of courses that suits your intellectual and personal goals.


EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching and Learning
EDUC 149 Theory and Issues in the Study of Bilingualism (EDUC 249)
EDUC 202 Introduction to Comparative and International Education
EDUC 204 Introduction to Philosophy of Education (PHIL 231)
EDUC 220C Education and Society (EDUC 120C, SOC 130, SOC 230)
EDUC 220D History of School Reform: Origins, Policies, Outcomes, and Explanations (HISTORY 258E)
EDUC 283 Child Development In and Beyond Schools
PSYCH 60 Introduction to Developmental Psychology



EDUC 221A Policy Analysis in Education

Service, Citizenship and Social Change: Service Learning in the Contemporary South African Contex-



ANTHRO 112 Public Archaeology: Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project (ANTHRO 212, ASNAMST 112)
ARTHIST 3 Introduction to World Architecture (CLASSICS 54)
CEE 124 Sustainable Development Studio
EARTHSYS 104 The Water Course (GEOPHYS 104)
EARTHSYS 105 Food and Community: New Visions for a Sustainable Future (EESS 105)
EDUC 103B Race, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices (AFRICAAM 106, CSRE 103B, EDUC 337)
EDUC 110 Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools (EDUC 310, SOC 132, SOC 332)
ENGR 150 Data Challenge Lab (ENGR 250)
HISTORY 106A Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa
HISTORY 150C The United States in the Twentieth Century (AMSTUD 150C)
HISTORY 260 California's Minority-Majority Cities (CSRE 260)
HUMBIO 127B Community Health: Assessment and Planning II
HUMBIO 142 Adolescent Development
ME 120 History and Philosophy of Design
MS&E 180 Organizations: Theory and Management
OSPBER 30 Berlin vor Ort: A Field Trip Module
OSPCPTWN 17 Western Cape Sites of Memory
OSPCPTWN 22 Preparation for Community-Based Research in Community Health and Development
OSPCPTWN 24B Targeted Research Project in Community Health and Development
OSPCPTWN 32 Service, Citizenship and Social Change: Service Learning in the Contemporary South African Contex-
OSPCPTWN 43 Public and Community Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
OSPCPTWN 44 Negotiating Home, Citizenship and the South African City
OSPFLOR 58 Space as History: Social Vision and Urban Change
OSPMADRD 60 Integration into Spanish Society: Service Learning and Professional Opportunities
OSPOXFRD 70 The History of London
OSPPARIS 92 Building Paris: Its History, Architecture, and Urban Design
OSPSANTG 71 Santiago: Urban Planning, Public Policy, and the Built Environment
PUBLPOL 135 Regional Politics and Decision Making in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area
SOC 132 Sociology of Education: The Social Organization of Schools (EDUC 110, EDUC 310, SOC 332)
SOC 145 Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA (CSRE 145, SOC 245)
SOC 160 Formal Organizations (SOC 260)
SOC 161 The Social Science of Entrepreneurship (SOC 261)
SOC 164 Immigration and the Changing United States (CHILATST 164, CSRE 164, SOC 264)
URBANST 131 VIP: Very Impactful People - Social Innovation & the Social Entrepreneur
URBANST 150 From Gold Rush to Google Bus: History of San Francisco
URBANST 163 Land Use Control




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