Urban Sustainability

Why Urban Sustainability

The concentration in Urban Sustainability is a new initiative, designed for students seeking the theoretical framework and training for research and professional practice addressing environmental and social sustainability in cities. Students will have the opportunity to pursue coursework in the fields of science and engineering that addresses the technical and infrastructural aspects of cities, as well as coursework in urban studies, sociology, and anthropology that focuses on the social systems of cities.

This concentration will prepare students to work as effective social change agents as urban planners, designers, public servants, advocates, researchers, and scholars. Courses will have strong emphasis for students to engage in environmental and urban issues through service-learning opportunities. Through collaborations with local and international community partners on sustainability projects, students will develop new knowledge and methodological training as they work firsthand with concepts of sustainability through social engagement.

Required Course

The following course is required for the urban sustainability concentration:

  • EARTHSYS 112, Human Society and Environmental Change, 4 units

Additional coursework in this concentration should be designed individually in consultation with an adviser. Students interested in pursuing the concentration in urban sustainability should meet with an Urban Studies adviser to determine an appropriate course of study.

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