Sign Up to be a Big Sib

Due Monday, August 31, 2015.
Please fill out ONE form per sib fam.
If you and your family choose to apply, please keep in mind the time commitment and dedication we ask of you. Answer the questions as detailed and specific as possible. We will do our best to match the members of your sib fam with Lil Sibs!

To find out who your Lib Sibs will be, Big Sibs must commit to the following:

--Have at least one Big Sib from your family attend the Big Sib training on Friday, September 18, 2015 (Time:TBA) in the A3C Couchroom.
--Attend the We Are Family event in Cubberley Auditorium and participate in the AASIB Revealing event that follows.
--Plan to check in with Lil Sibs at least once a quarter and report out any challenges or issues to the AASIB Coordinator.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this application, please contact AASIB Coordinator, Vy Le (

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Please include the first and last name of each BigSib followed by his or her Stanford email address.

Each AASIB Fam should have a minimum of 2 Big Sibs and a maximum of 6 Big Sibs. If your family has less than 6 Big Sibs, please input N/A for the remaining fields.

In addition, include the ethnicity of each sib (you may decline to state). This is wholly for the Lil Sibs in the case that they prefer a Big Sib of a specific ethnicity.

7. How often would like to spend time with your Sib Fam? *