SUL Proxy Card Application

Faculty may designate up to three proxies to borrow library materials in their name. Please submit one form for each proxy.

A Proxy SUL Cardholder (typically a hired research assistant or department staff) is allowed to check out library materials in the name of the sponsoring faculty member with the same loan periods offered to the sponsor.

The sponsor is responsible for all materials borrowed by proxies, including fines and fees.

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Sponsor's Information

Sponsor's primary account must be active and in good standing in order to request a proxy.

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Sponsor's Campus Address *

Proxy Holder's Information

Only regular Stanford University employees, registered Stanford students, and other hired research assistants are eligible to serve as proxies.

There are two additional rspecifications:

1) Eligible proxies must possess a current University ID (issued by the ID Card Office) for gaining entrance into the building. The Proxy Card will allow borrowing only.

2)The proxy's personal library account must be in good standing; no outstanding fines, lost books, expired accounts, etc..

Proxy's Name *

Proxy Card Specifications

Is it okay to disclose your name (the sponsor) as an item's borrower to other Stanford users? Select yes or no *

Proxy Expiration:

Proxy Cards will be valid for the Academic Year. Currently, the expiration date will be through July 1, 2020. You may cancel a Proxy Account that is in good standing at any time by sending your request to