Hodder, Ian

Ph.D. Cambridge, 1974

Ian Hodder joined the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology in September of 1999. Among his publications are: Symbols in Action (Cambridge 1982), Reading the Past (Cambridge 1986), The Domestication of Europe (Oxford 1990), The Archaeological Process (Oxford 1999). Catalhoyuk: The Leopard's Tale (Thames and Hudson 2006), and Entangled. An archaeology of the relationhips between humans and things (Wiley and Blackwell, 2012). Professor Hodder has been conducting the excavation of the 9,000 year-old Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk in central Turkey since 1993. The 25-year project has three aims - to place the art from the site in its full environmental, economic and social context, to conserve the paintings, plasters and mud walls, and to present the site to the public. The project is also associated with attempts to develop reflexive methods in archaeology. Dr. Hodder is currently the Dunlevie Family Professor.


Selected Publications: 

1976 With C. Orton. Spatial analysis in archaeology, Cambridge University Press. (Translated into Japanese and Spanish).

1982 Symbols in action. Ethnoarchaeological studies of material culture. Cambridge University Press.

1982 The Present Past. An introduction to anthropology for archaeologists. Batsford, London.

1986 Reading the past. Current approaches to interpretation in archaeology.
Revised editions in 1991 and (with S. Hutson) in 2003. Cambridge University Press. (Translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Greek (First and Third editions), Macedonian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish).

1990 The domestication of Europe: structure and contingency in Neolithic societies. Blackwell, Oxford. (Translated into Polish).

1992 Theory and practice in archaeology. (Collected papers), Routledge, London.

1999 The archaeological process. An introduction. Blackwell, Oxford.

2004 Archaeology beyond dialogue. (Collected papers). University of Utah Press

2006 The leopard’s tale. Revealing the mysteries of Çatalhöyük. Thames and Hudson, London. (Translated into Turkish).

2012 Entangled. An archaeology of the relationhips between humans and things. Wiley and Blackwell, Oxford.

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