Undergrad Peer Advisor - Anna Malaika Ntiriwah Asare



Anna is a senior on the Medical Anthropology track. As a sophomore she received a Chappell Lougee Scholarship to conduct her own research project that has guided her involvements and career goals ever since. Her work focuses on the ways in which young adults have come to learn about sex and sexuality specifically through the forms of sex education and parent teachings. It is based on extensive interviews and literary analysis. She spent most of her life abroad and grew up in places like Dubai, Estonia, Mexico, and Azerbaijan. On campus she’s involved in several extracurriculars, one of them being the performing arts. She’s happy to talk about the major, research grants and scholarships, balancing school and other commitments. She really enjoys hearing bad jokes, so please share them if you know any. She will always have treats in the office!

Degree Program:  Anthropology BA
Area of Concentration:  Medical Anthro
Graduation quarter & year:  Spring 2014!!
Thesis/Research:  “Uncertainty, Mistrust, Secrecy: Mixed Lessons of Sex Education”
Why Anthropology:  I love the flexibility and liberty the major provides while still challenging me. My college experience has been a wonderful one because I’ve enjoyed all my classes and made real connections with our incredible faculty. I find myself applying what I’ve learned in the past three years to all kinds of daily interactions. Understanding cultural and human interaction is extremely useful and applicable in the real world!
Recommended classes:  I really enjoyed Medical Anthropology with Professor Lochlann Jain and Cultures, Minds, and Madness with Professor Luhrmann.
Career Goals:  To be a professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies.
Hobbies:  When I have free time I like to talk on the phone with my loved ones, go to the movies, dance, do yoga or go for a run!

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