Contained actions: setting the scene(s) for Greek Neolithic figurines

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Stratos Nanoglou
Date and Time: 
Monday, February 25, 2013 - 12:00pm

Department of Anthropology
Main Quad - Building 50
Room 51A (Colloquium Room)


Criticisms of interpretations of Neolithic figurines are abundant, new insights less so. In this vein, it is time we provided a positive, even if partial and fragmented, account of these objects. Counted, measured, situated in time and space, with particular production sequences, use biographies and depositional histories, they reveal some surprising aspects of their life. The talk will argue that this life was constrained and directed to specific occasions and accordingly the impact of these figurines on their users was from a very specific standpoint. Further speculations will follow.


Stratos's current work focuses on representation as a material practice and he is pursuing an anti-anti-representationist path to situating representations in the world. His wider research interests revolve around the idea that subjects are constituted as they inhabit a material world and include, besides representation, the interplay between body and space and the construction of localities as an outcome of practices situated in space and time. He has published extensively on these matters and right now he is finishing a book on representations. Currently he is a Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford.

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