Maull, Samuel

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Grad Status: 
Third Year Cohort

What I try to think about are the particular manifestations of urban poverty in western cities; and how this manifestations e.g. gangs, female headed households etc. are related to the social and material environment in which they exist. That is, how elements such as: the racialization of inequality, it's spacial concentration, it's juxtaposition with comparative wealth, and the violence, morbidity, mortality, addiction and incarceration which characterise urban deprivation are related.

As an evolutionary anthropologist I look at these things systemically, as an ecology, and theorise humans as adapted and adaptive, acting in ways which have some evolutionary precedent. I will focus on life history theory and models of childhood development, stress and trauma as well as drawing from other traditions, particularly feminism, queer theory and critical theory. I received my undergraduate degree from University College London in 2011.