Greene, Alan

Grad Status: 
Post Doc

Alan F. Greene specializes in the sociobiography of material objects as well as compositional and structural methods of materials analysis, tracing artifacts through habitual production regimes, spheres of exchange, and consumption trends in ancient societies. He is co-director of the Making of Ancient Eurasia Project (MAE), an analytical collaboration between anthropologists and material scientists at Argonne National Laboratory ( The methods utilized by MAE focus on minimally-destructive X-ray analyses of archaeological materials, including digital radiography, X-ray computed tomography, portable X-ray Fluorescence, and synchrotron-based small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering.

Alan earned his Ph.D. in anthropological archaeology at the University of Chicago, Department of Anthropology in 2013. His dissertation "The Social Lives of Pottery on the Plain of Flowers" draws out the relationship between mundane aspects of the material economy like ceramic containers, and the macro-scale political-economies of emergent complex polities in the Late Bronze Age South Caucasus. At the Stanford Archaeology Center, Alan plans to offer classes in pottery analysis, archaeological science, data management, and the political and economic aspects of craftmaking.