New Books by Barb Voss


The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis:
Race and Sexuality in Colonial San Francisco,
University of California Press, 2008
Barbara L. Voss, Assistant Professor

This archaeological study investigates the cultural emergence of the Californios, a community of military settlers who forged a new identity on the northwest edge of Spanish-colonial North America. Since 1993, Barbara L Voss has conducted archaeological excavations at the Presidio of San Francisco, which was founded by Spain during its colonization of California’s central coast. Her research at the Presidio forms the basis for this rich study of cultural identity formation, or ethnogenesis, among the diverse peoples who came from widespread colonized populations to serve at the Presidio. Through a close investigation of the landscape, architecture, ceramics, clothing, and other aspects of material culture, Voss traces the shifting contours of race and sexuality in colonial California. An illuminating investigation of one historically significant site in California, the book at the same time shows how historical archaeology can help us understand colonial processes in other settings around the world.