Students in the Field

Name Research Interests
Becks, Fanya Native American Archaeology, Craft Production, California history, ethics, intellectual property
Beggs, Emily Political ecology of working landscapes, science studies, and agriculture-as- conservation in the Americas
Brown, Madeline Common-pool resource management; ethnoecology; social networks; fungi; trust, cooperation, and exchange; Southwest China
Bykowski, Melissa Utilization of technological devices, in habitual and concrete practice, work as technologies of subjectification
Can, Samil The recent rise of informal economies among indigent migrant populations in the urban areas of Turkey and the Middle East
Deloney, Marguerite Colonial archaeology of Latin America, culture contact studies, ethnogenesis, decolonization theory, agency and identity
Gilbert, David Environmental anthropology, agroforestry, Indonesia
Grothaus, Leslie Ways that terminally ill patients in China receive emotional support during the dying process, both at home and in institutional settings
Hagerty, Alexa Latin America, critical human rights, medical anthropology, morality, imagination
Hsieh, Jennifer Hearing cultures, sound and noise, senses, urbanism, governance, Taiwan, East Asia
Jordan, E'lana Human-environment interactions that lead to the cause and spread of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and malaria, in Latin America
Kayne, Saree anthropology of elites, anthropology of sport, the Olympic Games, liberal humanism, neoliberalism
Lu, Vivian Mercantile work and capitalism, the Global South, social and class mobility, cultural stereotypes, imagined futures
Markkula, Johanna Maritime anthropology, human mobility, globalization, environmental displacement, intercultural relations, coastlines as frontlines
Mickel, Allison The way archaeologists write archaeology, and in investigating what role this process and this product plays in the way archaeological interpretations are created
Said, Karem The transformative power of knowledge economy in Egypt, looking at the architectural production mobilized by this discourse, particularly of IT office parks and newly built universities in Cairo
Takabvirwa, Kathryn The negotiation of power, meaning, and membership between individuals and the state; the notion of “representation” of the (post-colonial African) state; as well as resistance, identity and labeling – particularly in the governance of migration
Wetsel, Amanda Narratives of identity, ethnicity, gender and art, and how those narratives are presented and contested in museums in Central Asia
Wilcox, Timothy Proto-historic period (1500-1750) of the Navajo or Dine’, an Athabaskan tribe of the Four Corners area
Yapp, Lauren heritage, urban landscape, materiality, colonial and post-colonial networks, memory politics, critical geography, Southeast Asia