Second Year Cohort

Name Research Interests
Acebo, Nathan The formation of multi-ethnic identities; active collaboration with indigenous and non-native minority stakeholder communities; and utilizing the theoretical perspectives of indigenous archaeology, post-colonialism, ethnogenesis, and social disjuncture to understand the intersection of prehistoric and historic era materiality and identities within the greater context of contemporary Californian society.
Dedrick, Elandre child labor, narratives of development, the nature of exploitation, and the experience of economic marginalization
Erickson-Davis, Cordelia
Holley-Kline, Samuel Mexican archaeology, historical archaeology, cultural heritage, disciplinary histories, and ethnographic methods
Lomio, Rita cultural property law, legal history, cultural resource management, history and memory, and human rights
Marks-Block, Tony Indigenous ecological knowledge, California Indian land management, participatory action research, environmental justice, political ecology
Maull, Samuel manifestations of urban poverty in western cities; and how this manifestations e.g. gangs, female headed households etc. are related to the social and material environment in which they exist
Papazian, Sabrina Heritage and museum management, tourism, heritage and conflict, diasporas and identity, globalization, and the trade in illicit antiquities
Perera, Dilshanie post-war transformations of urban space, how conflict inheres in built environments, the politics and aesthetics of infrastructure, militarism outside conventional wartime categories, and how all of this affects sociality within cities
Phelps, Dana Mediterranean archaeology, identity, community archaeology, Roman Imperialism, heritage ethics, material culture, isolationism, colonial theory
Silva, Nestor Extractivism and Development, State-owned Companies, Political Ecology and Economy, Critical Social Theory, Visual Anthropology, Colombia, Ecuador
Sugimoto, Tomonori Colonialism and postcolonialism, race and ethnicity, indigeneity, historical anthropology, and cultural studies
Zhou, Grace The emerging forms of modern empire and local intimacies in the transnational flow of goods, peoples, and capital.