Third Year Cohort

Name Research Interests
Abdelrahman, Nisrin Elamin Foreign Land Acquisitions in East Africa (Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania) Social Movements, Land Reform, Extractive Industries, 'Studying up' and China's growing influence in East Africa.
Bolin, Annalisa Natural and cultural heritage, heritage politics and ethics, tourism, development, post-conflict societies, Rwanda, East Africa
Issavi, Justine Archaeological theory, Neolithic, Central Anatolian societies, spatial analysis, sociality of space
Maitra, Amrapali Medical anthropology, mental illness, narratives of illness, trauma, gender and development, chronic violence, economies of sex, South Asia, subjectivity, postcoloniality
Mazza, Giulia time and temporality, modernity, identity and subjectivity, nationalism, Bhutan
Medina, Anthony Anthropology of Cuba, Caribbean Studies, Marketization, Globalization, Criminality, Economic Liberalization
Moran, John place, cultural politics, natural and cultural heritage, anthropology of capitalism and neoliberalism, development in Florida, U.S. South
Muro, Luis Social Encounters, Funerary Rituals, Ceremonial Practices, Ideology and Power in Andean complex societies during Pre-Hispanic times. Cultural Heritage, Community Development, Sustainable Preservation.
Park, Young su Mental illness, Christianity, Labor Migration, Subjectivity, Governmentality, Political Economy, East Asia (South Korea, North Korea, China)
Reifschneider, Meredith Historical archaeology, economic anthropology, critical geography, gender studies, and postcolonial theory
Richardson, Gene infectious disease ecology, medical anthropology, critical theory, sub-Saharan Africa.
Samarawickrema, Nethra Port-cities, urban space, cosmopolitanism, transnational religious networks, heritage, South Asia, Indian Ocean region.
Singh, Ashveer Pal Universal Identification Authority of India, STS, the politics of welfare, state planning and governance, knowledge production, East Punjab
Tomlinson, Caleb anthropogenic fire, traditional fire use, fire ecology, ecosystem restoration, coevolution of social and ecological systems, resource use in disturbance-shaped ecosystems
Weekes, Lori Legal regulation of archaeology, cultural heritage law, history and memory, Soviet archaeology, Central and Eastern Europe
Wirth, Ciara common property regimes, indigenous resource use, political ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, intercultural and bilingual education; Waodani Nation, Ecuadorian Amazon