Bjorkholm, John E.


Bjorkholm, John E.


Dissertation Title: Measurement of several optical nonlinearities using focused Gaussian laser beams


I got my PhD. from the Department of Applied Physics in 1966.  I believe that my PhD was the first one awarded by the Department.  When I arrived at Stanford in the fall of 1961 there was no Applied Physics Department and I was admitted to the Electrical Engineering Department.  I pursued course work that I described at that time as being Electrical Engineering-Physics, the same type of program that I pursued at my undergraduate school, Princeton.  I received a Masters Degree in Electronic Sciences from Stanford in 1962.  When the Applied Physics Department came into existence sometime after 1963 I had already completed two years of course work that fit right in with the AP requirements.  If I’m not mistaken, I had already started my research work with Tony Siegman by that time.  In any case, I applied for admission to the AP Department and that request was granted.  My PhD work was concerned with cw second harmonic generation using focused laser beams.

I am currently retired and am living in Medford, OR.  I worked at Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, NJ from 1966 through 1994.  There I carried out research using lasers.  Much of my work was in the field of nonlinear optics ; I also carried out work on resonance radiation pressure and was one of the principal authors on the work that  demonstrated optical molasses and the optical trapping of atoms. Beginning in the late 80′s I was involved in the conception and early development of EUV Lithography.

After retiring from Bell Labs in 1994 I was a consultant for almost two years and then was recruited by Intel to continue my work on EUV Lithography.  That brought me back to California.  I worked for Intel until 2002, when I once again retired.

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