TAG Exhibition

Object Lessons: Highlights from the Stanford Archaeology Center Collections

These displays exhibit a small selection of objects taken from the collections in the care of the Stanford Archaeology Center. The collections consist of both archaeological and ethnographic materials collected and excavated from many different cultures across the world. Among items collected in the field by Stanford scholars or donated by alumni, the collections also include over 700 items that were originally collected by Leland Junior and Jane Stanford, which formed part of the founding collection of the Leland Junior Stanford Museum.

From prehistoric stone tools and beautiful ceramics, to ceremonial objects still used in modern Native American ritual, the exhibition covers a broad time-scale and includes everything from the everyday tools of subsistence to the decorative and rare. The aim of the displays is to give you a glimpse of the quality and variety of material held in this collection, much of which has lain unseen in storage for many years.

The exhibition is the culmination of work carried out by undergraduate and graduate students for the course Museums and Collections. Students chose their own themes for their case and then selected objects from the collection to fit it. Their work included the research and interpretation of their pieces as well as the physical mounting and design of their displays.

The TAG exhibition is located in the foyer of the Archaeology Center


This exhibition would not have been possible without the help and support of the following individuals and institutions:

Aileen Agustin                                      Laura Jones
Shirlyn Almuete                                    Dolores Kincaid
Meercedes Baltazar                               Danny Meltsner
Doug Bird                                            Lynn Meskell
Jocelyn Brabyn                                     Lisa Newble
Melissa Chatfield                                  John Rick
Katie Clifford                                        Rosa Rick
Jay Cross                                            Ian Robertson
Jeff Fairburn                                        Shannon Silva
Ian Hodder                                          Mike Wilcox
Don Intersimone                                   Danni Woodward