Archaeology Workshop Series

All Workshop Series lectures take place on Thursdays at the Archaeology Center, Building 500, unless otherwise noted. Refreshments at 5:00pm and lecture at 5:15pm

2014-2015 academic year

April 30 - Corey Johnson (Stanford University)

April 23 - Christina Luke (Boston University)

April 16 - "Critical Proximity in the Archaeology of Twentieth Century Bali," presented by Denis Byrne (University of Western Sydney, Australia) Flyer here

March 5 - "Boundaries, Settlers and Forests: Occupation and Displacement in a Brazilian National Park," presented by Frederico Santos Soares de Freitas (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 26 - "Fuzzy Rights and Heritage Sites: The Case of the Haci Bektaş Veli Complex," presented by Helen Human (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 12 - "Creating Heritage Elites: The Language of Rights and the Practice of Privileges in an Afro-Descendant Community in Colombia," presented by Maria Fernanda Escallón (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 5 - "Maritime Settlement Patterns and Seafaring in Prehistoric China," presented by Tianlong Jiao (Asian Art Museum, San Francisco) Flyer here

January 29 - "Bronze Age Inhabitation, Mobility, and Displacement among the first farming herders of highland Inner Asia: case studies from Eastern Kazakhstan" presented by Michael Frachetti (Washington University in St. Louis) Flyer here

January 22 - "Mobility Modes and Scales: Lessons Learned from Highland Northern Albania," presented by Michael Galaty (Mississippi State University) Flyer here

January 15 - "Edible Cities: Interpreting the Politics and Landscape of food production in late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age China," presented by Tricia Owlett (Stanford Unversity) Flyer here

November 20 - "Securing Resources: Securing Futures in Mexico's Heritage Landscape," presented by Lisa Breglia (George Mason University) Flyer here

November 13 - "Can Community Projects Survive?" presented by Peter Gould (University of Pennsylvania) Flyer here

November 6 - Distinguished Lecture

October 30 - "Collecting Sápmi: Early Modern Globalization of Sámi Material Culture," presented by Jonas Nordin (Uppsala University, Sweden) Flyer here

October 23 - "I Want a Man like Putin": Preforming Memory, Heritage and 'Russian' Citizenship in Indigenous Siberia, presented by Gertjan Plets (Stanford University) Flyer here

October 16 - Distinguished Lecture

October 9 - "Venetian and Ottoman Colonial Empires on the Montenegrin Coast: An Archaeological Perpective," presented by Diego Calaon (Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy) Flyer here

October 2 - "I Know What You Did Last Summer," presented by the graduate students on their summer fieldwork (Stanford University) Flyer here

2013-2014 academic year

May 29 - "Exit Old Knidos, Enter New Knidos? Rethinking Abandonment and Foundation on the Datça Peninsula, Turkey," presented by Justin Leidwanger (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 22 - "The Effects of European Colonization; Analysis of Genetic Admixture in the Canary Islands and Mauritius," presented by Rosa Fregel (Stanford University School of Medicine) Flyer here

May 15 - "Rural Dislocations, Precarious Lives, and the Ruins of the French Empire in Siin (Senegal) during the 20th Century," presented by François Richard (University of Chicago) Flyer here

May 8 - "Lucrative History: Reconfiguring Archaeological Heritage in the Troad," presented by Helen Human (Stanford University) Flyer here

May 1 - "Chocolate, Friction and Violence," presented by Kathryn Sampeck (Illinois State University) Flyer here

April 17 - Distinguished Lecture

April 10 - "Negotiating National Disciplinary Identities in Neo-Liberal Russia- Case Study: Heritage Activism and Archaeological Ethics in the Multicultural Altai Republic (Southwest Siberia)," presented by Gertjan Plets (Stanford University) Flyer here

March 6 - Distinguished Lecture 

February 27 - "Things in the Landscape: Archaeologies of Other Views and Other Boats in the Colonial Caribbean," presented by Mark W. Hauser (Northwestern University) Flyer here

February 20 - "Does Repatriation Heal?", presented by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh (Denver Museum of Nature and Science) Flyer here

February 13 - Distinguished Lecture

February 6 -  "Looking at Roman Slave Collars," presented by Jennifer Trimble (Stanford University) Flyer here

January 23 - "Understanding Indigenous Cultural Heritage Repatriation Disputes," presented by Stacey Jessiman de Nanteuil (Stanford University) Flyer here

January 16 - "Recovering the Body Politic: An Ethics of Meaning In Bioarchaeology," presented by Molly Zuckerman (Mississippi State University) Flyer here

November 21- " State Prioritized Heritage in the Post-liberation Democratic South Africa: Issues of Governmentality, Institutionalization, and Monumentalization of Heritage," presented by Thabo Manetsi (National Department of Tourism, South Africa) Flyer here

November 14 - "Tribute, Consumption and Antimarkets: An Archaeology of Capitalism in Colonial Guatemala," presented by Guido Pezzarossi (Stanford University) Flyer here

November 7 - Distinguished Lecture

October 31 - No Workshop

October 24 - Distinguished Lecture

October 17 - "I Know What you Did Last Summer" presented by the graduates on their summer fieldwork (Stanford University) Flyer here

October 10 - No Workshop

October 3 - "Archaeology, Heritage and the Demographic Shift in Oslo, Norway," presented by Christopher Prescott (University of Oslo, Norway) Flyer here

2012-2013 academic year

May 23 - "Moving Around and Moving On: Space, Identity and Movement in Archaeologies of Colonialism and Diaspora" presented by Steve Silliman (UMass Boston) Flyer here

May 16 - "Left in Wonder? Halldor's Dump Truck, Archaeological Theory, and the Fallacy of Interpretation" presented by Bjornar Olsen (University of Tromso, Norway) Flyer here

May 2 - "The Economic Effects of Empire: House size and Economic Growth in the Roman World" presented by Rob Stephan (Stanford University) Flyer here

April 25 - " Considering the Archaeology of the Immaterial and new Configurations of Urban Space and Personhood" presented by Victor Buchli (University College of London) Flyer here

April 18 - "Space in Time: Reading the African Landscape," presented by Suzanne Blier (Harvard University) Flyer here

February 28 - "Stirring the Ashes: Archaeologies of Ruination on the Site of Old Panama" presented by Felipe Gaitan-Ammann (Brown University) Flyer here

February 25 - "Statecraft: Archaeology and U.S. Cultural Diplomacy" presented by Christina Luke & Morag Kersel, co-authors of "U.S. Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage." (DePaul University and Boston University) Flyer here

February 21 - "Pompey's Pillar: Situating A Monument" presented by Grant Parker (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 14 - "Materiality, Heritage, and the Town that Elephants Built" presented by Alexandra Kelly (Stanford University) Flyer here

February 7 - "The Ruins of Modernity: Historical Archaeologists of Abandonment and Trauma" presented by Paul Mullins (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis) Flyer here

January 31 - "Stitching Fragments, Floating Shards. A Poetics of Convergence: Heritage, Community and Art" presented by Rene Yung (Exhibit Artist of "City Beneath the City", Stanford Archaeology Center) Flyer here

January 17 - "The Measure of Civilization: the Revival of Long-term, Large-scale Quantitative Comparison" presented by Ian Morris (Professor of Classics, Stanford University) Flyer here

November 16"Te Hokinga Mai o Ngā Tūpuna: The Return of Our Ancestors" presented by Amber Aranui and Michelle Hippolite (Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa).

November 15- D. Fairchild Ruggles' (Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Flyer here

November 13- "Tracking Ancient Maritime Migrations from Asia to Oceania, 5000-1000BC" presented by Hsiao-Chun Hung and Mike T. Carson (Australian University). Flyer here

November 8- "Cultural Interventions in Nature: A Contemporary Archaeology of US National Parks Visitors" presented by Dr. John Chenoweth (Post-doctoral fellow at the Thinking Matters program at Stanford). Flyer here

November 1 - "All Art Has Been Contemporary- Roman Provinces, Persistence, Legacies, and Quotes From the Past" presented by Alicia Jiménez (Stanford University). Flyer here

October 18- "Islamic Cairo- World Heritage, National Identity, and Urban Landscape" presented by Sandra Scham (Stanford University). Flyer here

October 4 - " I Know What You Did Last Summer" presented by the graduate students on their summer field work. Flyer here

2011-2012 academic year

April 12 -  "American Dark Ages: American rejection of medieval archaeology" presented by Caroline Goodson (University of London). Flyer here

March 8 -  “Concrete matters: Modern ruins in Saga-land and the things called heritage” presented by Þóra Pétursdóttir (PhD Student, University of Tromsø, Norway). Flyer here

March 1 -  “Producing archaeologists: education, research and other activities under the classical sun” presented by Stratos Nanoglou (Greek Archaeological Service). Flyer here

February 16 - “Does Heritage Conservation Always Mean Gentrification? Reflections on case studies from Greece, Italy, and Thailand” presented by Dr. Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University). Click here to view reading materials

February 9 - “Behind a wall enclosure:  An Archaeology of Slavery on a Cuban Coffee Plantation” presented by Theresa Singleton (Prof. of Anthropology, Syracuse University). Flyer here

February 2 - "From Inheritance to Heritage" presented by Paulla Ebron (Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University). Flyer here

January 26 - "Giving Up Sex: Bioarchaeological Approaches to Age and Gender Identity presented" by Sabrina Agarwal (UC Berkeley). Flyer here

January 19 -   "Dying the 'Good Death' at medieval Villamagna, Italy" presented by Corisande Fenwick (Stanford University)

December 8 - “The Legacy of the Cold War Era on Archaeology” presented by Dr. Linda Ellis  (San Francisco State University). Flyer here

November 17 - “Law, Ethics, and Archaeology: Cesnola’s Treasures beneath the Sea” presented by Elizabeth Greene (Brock University). Flyer here

October 27: Sarah Murray (Stanford University)

October 20 -  "Why Heritage Matters to the Environmental Sciences" presented by Melissa Baird (Stanford University)

October 13 - Distinguished Lecture

October 6 - “I Know What You Did Last Summer” presented by Archaeology Graduate students. Flyer here







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