Welcome to FSS Infrastructure Home Page

We are proud to support the Stanford Comunity. If you have any issues with our support, please log a helpSU ticket to our group. Complaining, Nagging are NOT the solutions and it only makes things worse! Working together DOES make a difference!

Environment Menu
This is where you find all oracle financial environment menu.
HelpSU To better support you, please log a HelpSU ticket to our team with Request Category is Administrative Applications, and Request Type is Oracle Financials.
Remedy 7 Access to Remedy Client Version 7.
Operational Info This link will provide you about our operational information such as system status, system monitoring, and our processes.
OnCall Rotation This is the team OnCall rotation callendar (Authorization Required).
Team Phone Numbers This is the Infrastructure Team Contact Information (Authorization Required).
AS Contacts Here is AS Contact Information such as AS Central Phone number, Cell number, and Yahoo Messenger
The Elite Team Here is your chance to meet our team member face to face.
Useful Links Useful Links at Stanford.
About Remedy 7 Upgrade
Few new process during the Remedy 7 Upgrade

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