Authority Auto-Revocation Modified

09/01/2010 - Authority Auto-Revocation to Apply to Terminations Only

As of Wednesday, September 1, 2010, the Auto-revocation feature in Authority Manager will apply only to cases of employee termination. As of that date, only the permanent departure of an individual from Stanford will result in auto-revocation of system authority.

Other circumstances that previously triggered auto-revocation (e.g., department transfer) will no longer result in automatic loss of system privileges and/or approval authority. Managers will need to manually revoke assignments that are no longer required or appropriate in such cases.

Please submit questions or problems related to this change via HelpSU.

Background on this Change

Historically, all system authority was automatically revoked when an individual departed the University. Beginning March 2009, Authority Manager was modified to automatically revoke all of an individual's authority any time there is a change in his/her University or department affiliation (e.g. change to organization or department, leave of absence, etc.).