How to maintain your organization's online listing


In order to have its contact information available in OrgSearch, an organization must have one or more persons assigned to enter and maintain that information in Organization Manager. Only the assigned/authorized maintainer(s) for an organization can update its contact information.

Organizations that have their own entry in the printed Stanford Directory already have a maintainer. Organizations that are not included in the printed directory (or are listed under their parent organization) may not have maintainers.

Finding or becoming a maintainer

You can see the organizations (if any) for which you are a maintainer simply by logging into Organization Manager.

Current maintainers are listed here:

If your organization is not listed on either of these pages, that means it does not currently have a maintainer. If you are the appropriate person to be the maintainer, make a HelpSU request. Please include:

  1. your department name
  2. its 4-character organization code (displayed in parens after the org name in OrgSearch)
  3. the name of your University Budget Officer

Once you have been made a maintainer, you will be able to login to Organization Manager and add your organization's contact information, as well as add other maintainers.

Organization Manager for online listings

In Organization Manager, click the name of the organization whose information you want to update. The following tabs are relevant to OrgSearch:

Directory tab

The Card View section is the only maintainer-controlled information that will appear online. You can enter:

The Directory Listings section below the Card View is currently for printed directory use only.

Identifiers tab

The following information on the Identifiers tab is displayed online for all organizations:

Maintainers tab

A current maintainer can add and remove other maintainers for this organization.

» More information about Organization Manager.