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Overseas Studies

Students interested in a serious study of Japanese language, history, culture, and social organization are encouraged to apply to the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (KCJS), a September-to-April program managed by Stanford and including students from other American universities.

The Stanford Program in Kyoto

In Spring Quarter, the Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation (SCTI), also in Kyoto, focuses on Japanese organizations and the political economy of research, development, and production of high technology and advanced industries, followed by an optional two-to-three month internship in an agency, firm, or laboratory in Japan. The minimum language requirement for participation in SCTI is two quarters of Japanese Language, Culture, and Communication. For students choosing to participate in a non-technical internship, five quarters of Japanese Language, Culture, and Communication are required.

For information about either program in Kyoto, students should contact the Overseas Studies office in Sweet Hall.

Inter-University Programs

Students should take note of the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (administered by the Institute of East Asian Studies, 2223 Fulton Street, Room 608, #2318, Berkeley, CA 94720-2318; 510-642-3873; http://ieas.berkeley.edu/iup/; iub@socrates.berkeley.edu) and the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies located in Yokohama (http://www.stanford.edu/dept/IUC/; 650-725-1490). Stanford is a member of these consortia programs.

Students interested in the exchange program with the Department of Chinese at Peking University in Beijing should consult the chair of the department early in the academic year.
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The Stanford Program in Beijing

Students interested in studying Chinese language, history, culture, and society are encouraged to apply to the Stanford Program in Beijing at Peking University through the Overseas Studies Program in Sweet Hall. Most courses are taught in English. All courses count toward graduation and most carry credit in one or more departments. Specific courses offered for each year can be viewed at http://bosp.stanford.edu/beijing/.

Students in the Beijing program are required to have some proficiency in Chinese. The minimal requirement for enrollment is one year of college-level Mandarin; preference will be given to those students who have two or more years of preparation. Native speakers are expected to demonstrate their level of language ability (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) by providing results of a language placement test that is given by the Language Center. All students are required to continue taking Mandarin Chinese language classes while enrolled in Stanford in Beijing. Varying levels of language courses are offered, and placement will be determined in accordance with students' proficiencies. Students with no previous language experience or those desiring to improve their Chinese may want to consider the Stanford-Peking University Summer Program that combines an intensive five-week language program at Stanford with a four-week practicum at Peking University and is equivalent to one year of college-level instruction.

For further information about the Stanford Program in Beijing, please contact:
    Stanford Program in Beijing
    M03, Stanford Center at Peking University, Langrun Yuan,
    No. 5 Yiheyuan Lu, Haidian District, Peking University
    Beijing 100871 P.R. China
    Tel: 86-10-6275-0063
    E-mail: beijing@osp.stanford.edu
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The Stanford-Peking University Summer Program

The Stanford-Peking University program combines an intensive five-week language program at Stanford University (June 22 - July 22) with a four-week practicum in Chinese at Peking University in Beijing, China (July 23 - August 21). Intensive Chinese is offered at the first, second, and third year levels. At Peking University, there are five levels of instruction based on proficiency. Each course is equivalent to one year instruction. Classes meet for four hours of instruction, Monday through Friday.

For further information about the Stanford-Peking University Summer Program, please contact:
    Language Center
    Asian Summer Language Program
    Building 30, Main Quad
    Stanford University
    Stanford, California 94305-2015
    Tel: (650) 724-8938
    Fax: (650) 725-9377
    E-mail: asiansummerlanguage@lists.stanford.edu

For information about Stanford Summer Session please contact:
    Summer Session Office
    Stanford University
    Stanford, California 94305-3005
    Tel: (650) 723-3109
    E-mail: summer.session@stanford.edu

Global Studies Internship Program (formerly known as the East Asia Internship Program)

Program identified internship positions cover a wide range of fields, including business, non-profit, media, education, medicine, art, technology, science and government. Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and coterms at Stanford in ALL majors are eligible to apply, including undeclared students. In summer 2014, 36 students in 18 majors participated in the program in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, and Taiwan. In summer 2015, we will also offer positions in Belgium, Cambodia, Croatia, Ireland, and Mexico. More geographic locations might be added based on student demand. The Global Studies Internship Program collaborates with international area studies programs and centers within SGS. Please see program website: https://global-internships.stanford.edu.

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