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Affiliated Faculty
Masahiko Aoki Economics
Carl W. Bielefeldt Religious Studies
Melissa Brown Anthropological Sciences
Richard Dasher Integrated Systems
Peter Duus History
Miyako Inoue Cultural and Sociological Anthropology
Harold L. Kahn History, emeritus
Matthew Kohrman Cultural and Sociological Anthropology
Paul Harrison Religious Studies
John W. Lewis Political Science, emeritus
Mark E. Lewis History
Yumi Moon History
Thomas S. Mullaney History
Jean Oi Political Science
Daniel Okimoto Political Science
David Palumbo-Liu Comparative Literature
Gi-Wook Shin Sociology
Matthew Sommer History
Jun Uchida History
Richard Vinograd Art and Art History
Kären Wigen History
Andrew Walder Sociology
Arthur Wolf Anthropological Sciences
Lee H. Yearley Religious Studies
Xueguang Zhou Sociology

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