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Faculty – James Reichert

Associate Professor, Modern Japanese Literature

Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas

  • Modern Japanese Literature
  • Representations of Sexuality
  • Japanese Literary Criticism

Prof. Reichert's field of specialization is Meiji-Taishô literature. He is especially interested in looking at the way that male-male sexuality is represented in literary texts from this period. His dissertation examines the treatment of male sexuality found in such works as Okamoto Kisen's Sawamura Tanosuke akebono zôshi (1880), Yamada Bimyô's Shintaishika Wakashu sugata (1886), Natsume Sôseki's Nowaki (1907) and Mori Ogai's Vita Sexualis (1909). Prof. Reichert is currently working on an article about the aesthetics of decadence and perversion found in the work of mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo.

Selected Publications


  • Bakin's Nineteenth Century: The Rise of Modern Print Media in Japan. In progress.
  • In the Company of Men: Representations of Male-Male Sexuality in Meiji Literature. Stanford University Press, 2006.
  • "Disciplining the Erotic-Grotesque in Edogawa Ranpo's Demon of the Lonely Isle," in The Culture of Japanese Fascism, ed. Alan Tansman. Forthcoming, Duke University Press.


  • "Oyama (Female Impersonators) in Early Japanese Cinema." In progress.
  • "Henge buyo in the Asakeno Episode of Kyokutei Bakin's Hakkenden." Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, vol. 10 (2005), 105-10.
  • "Tsubouchi Shoyo's Tosei shosei katagi and the Institutionalization of Exclusive Heterosexuality." Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, vol. 52, no. 1 (2003), 69-114.
  • "Godzilla: The Monster Made in Japan." Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, vol 8 (2003) 63-69.
  • "Deviance and Social Darwinism in Edogawa Ranpo's Erotic-Grotesque Thriller Koto no oni." The Journal of Japanese Studies, vol. 27, no. 1 (2001), 113-41.
  • "Samurai Fantasies in Late-Nineteenth-Century Japan." Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies, vol. 6 (2001) 73-90.
  • "Cultural Ambivalence and Sexuality in Tsubouchi Shoyo's Tosei shosei katagi." Proceedings of the Midwest Association for Japanese Literary Studies, vol. 4 (1998) 396-405.
  • "Sôseki Nowaki ni okeru otoko-dôshi no aijô no imi." Bungaku, vol. 6, no. 1 (1995) 84-96.


  • JAPANGEN 115/215: History of Japanese Popular Culture
  • JAPANGEN 138/238: Survey of Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
  • JAPANGEN 187: Romance, Desire, and Sexuality in Modern Japanese Literature
  • JAPANLIT 247: Readings in Premodern Japanese
  • JAPANLIT 395: Early Modern Japanese Literature
  • JAPANLIT 296: Late-Meiji Fiction
  • JAPANLIT 296: Taishô-Period Popular Literature
  • JAPANLIT 296: Contemporary Japanese Fiction
  • JAPANLIT 396: Early-Meiji Literature and Criticism
  • JAPANLIT 396: Postwar Japanese Women Writers
  • JAPANLIT 396: Ozaki Kôyô, Kôda Rohan, and Higuchi Ichiyô
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