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Faculty – Yiqun Zhou

Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Chinese and comparative women’s history
  • Early Chinese literature and history
  • Chinese and English fiction (1600-1900)
  • China-Greece comparative studies


  • Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Chicago, 2004

Selected Publications


    • Festivals, Feasts, and Gender Relations in Ancient China and Greece . (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010)

    Edited volume:

    • Confucianism as Religion, co-edited with Chunsong Gan, special issue, Contemporary Chinese Thought, M. E. Sharpe, 44.2 (Winter 2012-2013).

    Peer-reviewed journal articles:

    • “The Status of Mothers in the Early Chinese Mourning System.” T’oung Pao, 99.1-3 (2013).
    • “Honglou meng and Agrarian Values.” Late Imperial China, 34.1 (2013): 28-66.
    • “Temples and Clerics in Honglou meng.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 71.2 (2011): 263-309.
    • “The Hearth and the Temple: Mapping Female Religiosity in Late Imperial China, 1550-1900.” Late Imperial China 24.2 (2003): 109-155.
    • “Virtue and Talent: Women and Fushi in Early China.” Nan Nü: Men, Women, and Gender in China 5.1 (2003): 1-42.

    Book chapters:

    • “Spatial Metaphors and Women’s Religious Activities in Ancient China and Greece.” In Shubha Pathak ed., Figuring Religions: Comparing Ideas, Images, and Activities. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2013), pp.199-228.
    • "The Child in Confucianism." In Marcia Bunge and Don S. Browning eds., Children and Childhood in World Religions: Primary Sources and Texts (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2009), pp. 337-392.


    • Chinese Biographies of Women
    • The Chinese Family
    • The World of Confucius
    • Classical Chinese Rituals
    • Images of Women in Ancient China and Greece
    • Late Imperial Chinese Fiction
    • Soldiers and Bandits in Traditional Chinese Culture
    • Beginning Classical Chinese (III)
    • Advanced Classical Chinese: Philosophical Texts
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