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Steven Carter Japanese poetry, poetics, and poetic culture; the Japanese essay (zuihitsu); travel writing; historical fiction; intersections of the social and the aesthetic. Knight Building, Room K303
(650) 725-8926
Ronald Egan
Chinese poetry, literary culture of the Tang and Song periods, gender and literary repute, non-canonical literary forms, aesthetics and the relations among painting, calligraphy, and poetry. Knight Building, Room K301
(650) 725-1775
Haiyan Lee Modern Chinese literature and culture; Chinese history and civilization; moral and political philosophy. Knight Building, Room K315
(650) 721-1895
Indra Levy Modern Japanese literature, theater, film, and criticism; modern Japanese women's intellectual history. Knight Building, Room K307
(650) 723-0378
Li Liu Archaeology of early China (Neolithic and Bronze Age); ritual practice in ancient China; cultural interaction between China and other parts of the Old World; domestication of plants and animals in China; development of complex societies and state formation; settlement archaeology; urbanism. Knight Building, Room K304
(650) 724-9257
Yoshiko Matsumoto Semantics and Pragmatics; Structure of modern Japanese; Relation of language to gender and age; Japanese as a Second Language. Knight Building, Room K310
(650) 723-0526
James Reichert Modern Japanese literature; representations of sexuality; Japanese literary criticism. Knight Building, Room K308
(650) 725-3436
Chao Fen Sun Chinese linguistics, History of Chinese, Classical Chinese, and teaching Chinese as a second language. Knight Building, Room K316
(650) 723-2591
Melinda Takeuchi Early Modern Japanese painting, warrior culture, ukiyoe (especially actors and shini-e), and horses in Japanese art. Knight Building, Room K309
(650) 723-3133
Ban Wang Chinese literature and film, comparative literature, aesthetics, critical theory, intellectual history, and trauma and memory studies. Knight Building, Room K306
John Wang Early Chinese historical narratives; Chinese novel and drama; narrative theory; literary criticism. Knight Building, Room K311
(650) 723-4553
Yiqun Zhou Chinese and comparative women's history, early Chinese literature and history, Ming-Qing fiction, and China-Greece comparative studies. Knight Building, Room K305
(650) 723-5993
Dafna Zur Modern Korean literature and visual culture, Children's literature of North and South Korea, Korean Folktales, Trauma and Memory in literature, Translation theory and practice. Knight Building, Room K312
(650) 725-1893

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“Why am I glad to be a part of the EALC? That’s easy enough. The freedom (and resources) to pursue my own academic interests, professors equally attentive to the pursuit of knowledge and the practical exigencies of professional development, a supportive community of graduate students who continue to teach me new things on a daily basis, and opportunities to engage with contemporary authors and scholars hailing from all over the globe. If you have never thought that, say, Japanese linked verse from the 15th century or the popular literature of the early Showa Period could be exciting, I would ask you first to visit our doors.”

  Kevin Singleton, graduate student
East Asian Languages and Cultures