History of Bing Nursery School

About Bing Nursery School

Eleanor E. Maccoby, Professor Emerita of Psychology, once described Bing Nursery School as "a national treasure." In 1966, Bing was constructed as a laboratory school with a grant from the National Science Foundation and a gift from Dr. Peter S. Bing and his mother, Mrs. Anna Bing Arnold. The mission of the school was to provide a laboratory setting for research where faculty members and graduate students can conduct research in child development, to provide a sound educational enviroment for young children, to teach undergraduate and graduate students about young children through observation and experience in the classroom. Bing has since established a fourth mission: to partner with both parents and educators in helping to improve the lives of youung children and their families through the Bing Instistute.

Preceding the construction of Bing at its current location, the Department of Psychology had maintained a laboratory nursery school since 1949 at the Stanford Village housing complex (where SRI International is currently located). In the early 1960's the department added the Escondido Village Nursery School in a cottage across the street from Bing. When Bing finally opened in January 1966, the children from these previous schools became our first group of students.

More than 45 years after Bing Nursery School opened its doors, hundreds of studies have taken place at the school that have made the research and reputation of the school known world-wide. Thousands of children have graduated from the school, and currently five percent of the children enrolled in the school have parents who are Bing graduates.

Dr. Edith Dowley, the founding director of Bing Nursery School, served in this capacity from 1966 to 19xx.