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Director’s Column: Frequently Asked Questions about Bing

by Jeanne W. Lepper, Director
An interview with Jeanne Lepper conducted by Chia-wa Yeh, editor of The Bing Times. I know Bing was founded and is run as a laboratory school, but what does that really mean? Laboratory schools have been part of universities…

Researchers in Profile: Vikram Jaswal

by Mark Mabry, Research Coordinator and Head Teacher One of the most familiar faces in the classrooms at Bing Nursery School is not that of a child, teacher or parent, but that of one of the researchers from the Stanford Department of Psychology, Vikram Jaswal. Vikram has been a fixture at Bing for ... [ Read More ]

Dare Baldwin on the Development of Early Interpersonal Skills

by Ed Morris, Teacher
On May 31, 2000, Professor Dare Baldwin delivered this year’s lecture in the annual Bing Nursery School Distinguished Lecture Series. A nationally renowned researcher in child development, Dr. Baldwin spoke to the Bing community…

Professor Elliot Eisner Talks to Bing Staff About Art and Education

by Betsy Koning, Teacher Look what I did!” is a familiar refrain to anyone who spends time with children. How many times have you been called over to view a child’s masterpiece? At that moment you feel as though you must make some sort of response to the expectant face gazing up at you. But whic... [ Read More ]

Community Gains from Learning About Pervasive Developmental Disorders

by Joy Davenport, Assistant Teacher We are fortunate to have such a diverse population of children in our school community. Each child offers something special. Every time a child shares his or her ideas or relates an experience, a bit of that child’s world view is revealed. This affords an opport... [ Read More ]

Stanford Students Come to Class at Bing

by Debbie Whitmer, Head Teacher Bing welcomes many friends through its double doors every day, beckoning them to come and learn in its beautiful yards. This applies not only to nursery-aged children but to numerous Stanford students as well. Students from many different backgrounds learn about child... [ Read More ]

Parent Seminar: First Steps To Music

by Kitti Pecka, Head Teacher, and Matt Linden, Teacher Because of increased interest in music education, Bing Nursery School hosted a fall quarter parent seminar led by Music Specialist Kitti Pecka on the importance of music in the school and in the home. Kitti addressed the findings of recent resea... [ Read More ]

Making Music: Investigating Sound and Music in West PM

by Nancy Howe, Head Teacher As teachers of young children, we have long recognized the vital role music plays in the healthy development of the whole child. In recent years, largely due to the research of Howard Gardner, Harvard professor of neurophysiology, and Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Ef... [ Read More ]

Center AM Studies Stores

by Carolee Fucigna, Head Teacher Our winter/ spring project, “Stores,” was an exciting learning experience for all involved. The teaching team noticed an interest in this topic when a group of children began to set up a store in the hollow block area on the patio. Others had been “selling ice ... [ Read More ]

Center PM’s Clothing Project: A True Community Effort

by Tom Limbert, Head Teacher When I came to Bing four years ago, I was fortunate enough to have previously worked in two university-based laboratory nursery schools. I was already aware of the tremendous potential for learning that lab schools offer children, parents, teachers, and everyone associat... [ Read More ]

Henny and Penny Grow Up in West AM

by Jane Farish, Teacher In the spring of 1999, with the help of Stanford student Ari Fernandez, children in West Room incubated hens’ eggs and hatched eleven chicks. In the spring of 1999, with the help of Stanford student Ari Fernandez, children in West Room incubated hens’ eggs and hatched el... [ Read More ]

Young Children Experience Public Art: East AM Visits the Rodin Sculpture Garden

by Carolee Fucigna, Head Teacher and Jennifer Winters, Head Teacher Most art experiences for young children involve production via the use of materials, such as clay or paint. However, young children can also benefit from art experiences focused primarily on perception—that is, from encounters wit... [ Read More ]

East PM Explores the Wonders of Nature

by Chia-wa Yeh, Head Teacher The natural outdoor environment in East Room yard has spawned many explorations and discoveries. We have found that the nature in our very own yard provided the children and adults with many wonders. In winter, finding worms in the yard was a favorite daily activity for ... [ Read More ]

The Metamorphosis Project Engages the Two’s

by Pamela Crisostomo, Assistant Teacher The children’s eyes darted back and forth, tracking the swift movements of the tadpoles at the bottom of the fishbowl. With every passing week, the children in the Two’s classes monitored the tadpoles’ progression from water to dry land, including the de... [ Read More ]

Staff Development Day—Winter Quarter

by Sue Gore, Teacher While discussing upcoming school events with an East AM child, I asked him about his understanding of Staff Develop-ment Day. He said, “It is a time when teachers find out about what children want to learn.” How astute! Staff Development Day on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, wa... [ Read More ]

NAEYC National Conference

by Nandini Bhattacharjya, Teacher, Kitti Pecka, Head Teacher, and Parul Roy, Head Teacher In November 1999, Bing staff had the opportunity to attend the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The NAEYC is a professional organization for educators whose mem... [ Read More ]

Kindergarten Information Night—Alleviating Anxieties

by Mary Munday, Teacher January may seem early for eager parents to begin thinking about their children heading off to kindergarten, but many factors and choices influence their decision processes. Will their child be ready for this transition? What programs are offered? Which program is best for th... [ Read More ]

Staff Development Day—Spring Quarter

by Ed Morris, Teacher Our spring quarter staff Devel- opment Day proved to be both informative and insightful. It consisted of one staff presentation, and two guest speakers, and an in-depth discussion among all the teachers and administrators. Kindergarten With parent-teacher conferences approachin... [ Read More ]

Harvest Moon Auction 1999

by Beverley Hartman, Assistant Director Bing Nursery School demonstrates its strength as a community through the annual Harvest Moon Auction. Designed as always to provide funds for the scholarship program, the event was a spectacular success this year. $170,000 was raised to make assistance availab... [ Read More ]