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Taking Flight in Center AM

By Parul Chandra, Head Teacher
During this past fall quarter, a father visited Center Room and set up a paper airplane-making station. He brought books that showed how to fold paper to make different styles of airplanes,…

Wings in East AM

By Karen Robinette, Head Teacher
In the school year 2008-09, the children in East AM were convinced that bats lived in the redwood trees just outside the classroom doors.

Fall Staff Development Day

By Haley Minick, Assistant Teacher
Bing Nursery School teachers started off the school year by participating in a staff development day offering tips for making classrooms more enriching and comfortable…

Winter Staff Development Day

By Stephanie Swenson, Assistant Teacher
Each quarter, Bing teachers and staff look forward to the day in which they get to become students themselves, participating in workshops, presentations, lectures and more…

Spring Staff Development Day

By Colin Johnson, Teacher
The quarterly Staff Development Day on April 26th was an excellent opportunity for the Bing teachers and administration to reflect on teaching practices, and to learn about new studies being conducted at the school this spring…

CAEYC Conference 2010: Building Mindful Relationships

By Laura Berquist, Teacher
Look inward to help bolster stronger relationships with young children. This was the message of one keynote speech at California’s major annual meeting for California’s early childhood education professionals…

The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children

By Lisa Wesley, Teacher
The initial springboard of learning is wonder and curiosity,” said Amelia Gambetti, an international consultant for Reggio Children, an early-childhood education organization based in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

NAEYC Conference 2009

By Quan Ho, Teacher
In 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt held the first White House Conference on the Care of Dependent Women and Children. This meeting brought together children’s advocates…

AERA Conference

By Beverley Hartman, Head Teacher
“High levels of educational achievement cannot be accomplished without addressing issues related to poverty in this country,” said Stanford education professor Linda Darling-Hammond…

Perspectives on Kindergarten: The Transition to Elementary School

By Stephanie Holson, Assistant Teacher
Each year Bing Nursery School invites parents to come speak with a panel of kindergarten experts about their child’s coming transition to kindergarten…

Harvest Moon Auction 2009

By Beth Wise, Assistant Director

The 21st annual Harvest Moon Auction was held on Nov. 14, 2009, and raised over $300,000 to provide financial aid for 20 percent of our students…

Director’s Column: The Bing Institute Launched

By Jennifer Winters, Director
In July, Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School launched its Bing Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

Deborah Stipek: What Parents Can Learn From Preschool

By Christine VanDeVelde Luskin
In May, Deborah J. Stipek, PhD, the I. James Quillen Dean and Professor of Education presented the 2010 Distinguished Lecture—“What Parents Can Learn From Preschool”—addressing how and why most children lose the motivation to learn…

Jelena Obradović on Resilience in Early Childhood

By Stephanie Swenson, Assistant Teacher
Generally speaking, children who experience more adversity are more likely to have problems later. But some children don’t follow these trends. One of Stanford’s new faculty members, Jelena Obradović, PhD, explores why…

Gregory Walton on Social Connectedness and Motivation

By Mark Mabry, Head Teacher
At Bing’s 2009 fall staff development day, teachers and staff learned about how social belonging affects motivation from a leading researcher on the topic. Gregory Walton, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Stanford, spoke about his research…

Researcher in Profile: Lucas Butler

By Chia-wa Yeh, Head Teacher and Research Coordinator
How do demonstrations of how something works influence young children’s expectations about how things will work in the future? Does giving children cues about what to pay attention to help them more readily discern the importance of the information?

“Talking With Young Children” Seminar for Bing Parents

By Lars Gustafson, Teacher
On February 10, Bing hosted its annual Parent Seminar. At this year’s parent seminar, the presentation focused on talking with young children.

Music is Key for Two-Year-Olds

By Kitti Pecka, Head Teacher
Music is by far one of the most important elements of the curriculum in the preschool years. Music supports the social and emotional growth of the two-year-olds,

Children in West AM Caring for the Environment

By Peckie Peters, Head Teacher
Children in our classroom have always had ideas about the environment, recycling and caring for the earth.

Collaborative Construction in East PM

By Adrienne Lomangino, Head Teacher
Children entering each of the nursery classrooms at Bing join a large social world with children who vary in age from 2 years, 9 months to 4 years, 9 months at the beginning of the school year.

Ode to Sound and Music: A Classroom Project

By Nancy Howe, Head Teacher
At the beginning of winter quarter 2010, teachers in the Center PM classroom placed a variety of rhythm and traditional instruments on the discovery table for the children to interact with and explore.

Time to Wonder in the Natural World: Developing Imagination, Creativity and Inventiveness

By Sarah Wright, Head Teacher
Running down the hill, chased by the wind, a three-year-old stops dead in his tracks. He looks up to the sky, transfixed as a gust of wind leads the dance of falling yellow gingko leaves.