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Director’s Column: Believing in Children By Jeanne W. Lepper, Director

One day this spring I had a wonderful surprise. During a visit to Bing School, Helen Bing presented us with a typed, one-page document that her mother-in-law, Anna Bing Arnold, used when she taught parent education classes in Los Angeles in the l950s. Suddenly, it all made sense. A genuine interest ... [ Read More ]

Outside the Classroom Door

By Beth Wise, Music Specialist and Head Teacher As a returning staff member to Bing School, I was struck by the beauty of Bing’s environment: the atrium blooming with flowering plants and bushes, the renovations underway all around, and the enchanting original artwork selected by Helen Bing. I beg... [ Read More ]

Mark Lepper: Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation and the Process of Learning

By Christine VanDeVelde Luskin, writer and Bing alumni parent Some years ago, after a lecture, Professor Mark Lepper was approached by a couple who told him about a system of rewards they had set up for their son, which had produced much improved behavior at the dinner table. “He sits up straight ... [ Read More ]

John Flavell on Inner Speech

By Chia-wa Yeh, Research Coordinator and Teacher During spring quarter, thirty-two Bing children each had a turn sitting across a table from a silver-haired, soft-spoken man who read storybooks and drew pictures of the children. The man was John Flavell, professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford ... [ Read More ]

Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood Randall: September 11, 2002 — One Year Later

By Christine VanDeVelde Luskin, writer and Bing alumni parent In the early morning of September 11, 2001, at her home in the East Bay, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall was readying her two sons for their first day at Bing Nursery School when she turned on the TV to check on the traffic on the Dumbarto... [ Read More ]

Acculturation Among Asian Immigrant Families

By Annie Sung, Assistant Teacher On a visit to Bing, Dr. Jeanne L. Tsai, assistant professor of psychology at Stanford, explained her study of how acculturation affects parent-child relationships. Specifically, how do children from Asian immigrant families adjust to their American environment while ... [ Read More ]

An Interview with Evan Brooks

By Jennifer Winters, Assistant Director Since 1999, Bing Nursery School has been offering Parent Seminars. These seminars have focused on topics and issues in early childhood. This past spring the topics included, “How to Talk to Children” and “The Value of Basic Materials.” The aim of these... [ Read More ]

The Artist in Us: Exploring Multimedia to Express Creativity

By Parul Roy, Head Teacher As Center AM embarked on the winter quarter, the children’s interest in drawing and painting and the teaching team’s interest in the visual arts led to a rewarding project, one using basic materials, having real-world application, and providing plenty of chances for th... [ Read More ]

Music with Twos

By Kitti Pecka, Head Teacher Music touches our lives in unique ways, a process that is particularly evident with two-year-olds. Many of the children in Twos come to school knowing numerous melodies, lyrics, and dance movements. We begin in this familiar realm to involve them in music with their new ... [ Read More ]

Conversations on Paintings

By Tom Limbert, Head Teacher As the first few weeks passed in West PM and the children grew more and more comfortable exploring our classroom, the teachers were watching and listening closely for a communal interest to emerge that we could build into a long-term project. Before long we noticed that ... [ Read More ]

At Home in East Room

By Sue Gore, Teacher, and Beverley Hartman, Head Teacher East AM’s theme At Home in East Room encouraged children to consider how feelings of trust and acceptance help them become comfortable at school and ease adjustment to a new setting and the formation of a new group. In addition, they examine... [ Read More ]


By Peckie Peters, Head Teacher Most people familiar with Bing Nursery School know to ask, “What project are the children in this classroom working on right now?” What may be less clear, however, is where these projects actually come from and how they develop into full-on investigations. For an e... [ Read More ]


By Sarah Wright, Head Teacher For a good project one must have, above all, an expectation. If that expectation can also be felt by the children, this is of vital importance. The expectation helps adults’ attentiveness, their choices and methods of intervention and their focus on the relationships ... [ Read More ]

There Is a Child Behind Every Page of the Book

By Svetlana Stanislavskaya, Head Teacher During the first weeks of school, as the children were getting to know each other, the teachers, and Center Room and its yard, the book area was one of the most popular spaces. There were always children on the couch, in the rocking chairs, on the carpet, abs... [ Read More ]

Be Creative!

By Paula Smith, Teacher A child stood at the easel looking very engaged in his painting. The brush swept across the easel paper with rapid strokes. The child laid the brushes next to the paint pots and listened to his creative voice, smiling from ear to ear. With a quick swoop the child dipped both ... [ Read More ]

Teachers Teaching Teachers

By Betsy Koning, Teacher On Friday, February 28, 2003, Bing Nursery School did not hold children’s classes, but the staff had an opportunity to learn a great deal. The winter staff development day began with presentations from each teaching team on their curriculum projects. There was much opportu... [ Read More ]

NAEYC Conference in New York City

Children’s Interactions and Children’s Media By Andrea Hart, Teacher Nancy Balaban, Betsy Grob, and Carla Poole, all of Bank Street College of Education, led discussions of children’s interactions which we viewed in short video clips of children and teachers at Bank Street Lab School. They sho... [ Read More ]

Kindergarten Information Night

By Tia Henteleff, Assistant Teacher For the fourteenth consecutive year, the Bing community benefited from Kindergarten Information Night. This year, in a variation on the traditional format, a panel discussion gave parents the chance to express their concerns and to hear multiple responses from the... [ Read More ]

It Feels Good to Be Let In

By Karen Robinette, Teacher A Stanford student has written a book especially for the children at Bing. Ilyssa Silverman wrote and illustrated It Feels Good to Be Let In as a project for a psychology course involving classroom participation in the nursery school. Thanks to the generosity of Helen Bin... [ Read More ]

Educators from South Korea

By Chia-wa Yeh, Research Coordinator and Teacher On February 21, 2003, Bing School entertained eighteen early-childhood educators from Seoul, South Korea: ten from the Ehwa Women’s University and eight from the Duksung Women’s University. Last summer Bing received a short visit from the group’... [ Read More ]

2002 Harvest Moon Auction: “Fiesta de Bing”

By Jennifer Winters, Assistant Director This past year’s Harvest Moon Auction, “Fiesta de Bing,” had the lively spirit and flavor of Mexico. Held at the beautiful Schwab Residential Center (the first time the annual auction was held away from the Bing campus), it turned out to be a very enjoya... [ Read More ]