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Director’s Column: All About Bing

By Jeanne W. Lepper, Director Bing Nursery School Is a Teaching and Research Facility “Pow! Bam!” says a four-year-old as he readily punches a “Bobo doll” after briefly viewing a short film clip showing other children energetically punching a similar inflated toy. These now famous episodes a... [ Read More ]

John Gabrieli on Educating the Brain: Lessons from Brain Imaging

By Christine VanDeVelde Luskin, writer and Bing alumni parent The human brain only weighs a couple of pounds in an adult, but this amazing device has the ability to think, to let us move physically in the world, to produce consciousness and to feel emotions. Nevertheless, sometimes there are pitfall... [ Read More ]

Research at Bing 2003-2004

By Chia-wa Yeh, Research Coordinator and Teacher Do children recognize “mice” as the correct plural form for “mouse” but still say “mouses”? Do Asian-American children prefer calmness over excitement more often than their European-American peers? Answers to these and other intriguing que... [ Read More ]

“It’s not what you tell your children, it’s how often you say it.” A Look at Language Acquisition with Michael Ramscar

By Michelle Kellebrew, Teacher One of the hardest questions to answer in accounting for how children learn language is how they recover from childhood grammatical mistakes, for example, saying “goed” for went or “mouses” for mice. Parents may be familiar with the experience of correcting suc... [ Read More ]

A Day With David Macaulay

By Beth Wise, Music Specialist and Head Teacher Last October, Helen Bing hosted award-winning author and illustrator David Macaulay to spend a day at Bing Nursery School. His well-known and well-loved books have garnered many awards including the prized Caldecott Medal. Macaulay’s Angelo provided ... [ Read More ]

Things Were Flying in West

By Peckie Peters, Head Teacher Things took flight in West AM during the winter quarter. It all began with a few children folding paper airplanes and building spaceships and then literally took off into an exploration of circuits, construction and flight. Toward the end of fall quarter, we were surpr... [ Read More ]

The House Project

By Parul Roy, Head Teacher The children in Center AM became keenly interested in houses last winter; they were eager to learn everything about them. It began with an interest in using the metal ladders on the red playhouse in the yard. Children talked about fixing, “tearing down” and rebuilding ... [ Read More ]

The Games Project

By Nancy Howe, Head Teacher Playing games is an integral part of Bing’s early childhood program. Teachers seamlessly weave games into all areas of the curriculum. At snack time, teachers engage small groups of children in playing guessing games by focusing on familiar things: their names, the clot... [ Read More ]

Music and Dramatic Play

By Beth Wise, Music Specialist and Head Teacher Re-enacting stories through music and dramatic play is an engaging way to include many children and promote collaboration. The children participate by • acting out roles • collaborating with peers • creating and negotiating the script • making ... [ Read More ]

East PM’s Ball Machine

By Eric Stuart and Meghan Olsen, Assistant Teachers During our Fall 2003 Set-up Week, the staff of Bing Nursery School reviewed the various applications of using basic materials such as paint, blocks, water, clay and sand with young children. Jeanne Lepper, director of Bing Nursery School, presented... [ Read More ]

Documenting Bing’s Everyday Amazing Moments

By Tom Limbert, Head Teacher Teachers in West PM had been watching and marveling at the children’s ideas and creations last fall. Each day, children were putting time and thought into their block-buildings and paintings, and they were planning and working together in teams in the sand area. Teache... [ Read More ]

Ways of Caring

By Beverley Hartman, Head Teacher Relationships are the keystone of early childhood education. This year, the East AM teaching team considered the framework upon which our philosophy is based. As our team explored the critical importance of quality interactions, Ways of Caring emerged as our unifyin... [ Read More ]

Blocks, Imaging and Sharing — Spring Staff Development Day

By Emma O’Hanlon, Assistant Teacher Enter any classroom at Bing Nursery School and there are shelves upon shelves of wooden blocks — all kinds of blocks — unit blocks and hollow blocks — ready and waiting for children to come and build. Children spend hours constructing castles, forts, roadw... [ Read More ]

Teachers and Technology — Winter Staff Development Day

By Jenny Ludlow, Teacher In a recent discussion about silkworms a child asked, “Do the worms ever get thirsty?” No one in the group knew the answer so the teacher asked, “How can we find out?” Four-year-old Tomás said, “Let’s ask Google.” So we turned to East PM’s classroom computer... [ Read More ]

Creativity and Innovations — Fall Staff Development Day

By Ilyssa Silverman, Assistant Teacher Bing Nursery School teachers gathered in the multipurpose room last fall for the initial portion of fall staff development day. Topics of the day included basic materials use, emergency training, parent meeting management and workshops on brainstorming, making ... [ Read More ]

NAEYC Conference

By Lauren Melendres, Assistant Teacher What parent or teacher has not been invited by a child to observe and comment on his or her artwork? Drawing, painting and other forms of art are certainly a form of expression and communication at any age. But, as was emphasized at a favorite presentation I at... [ Read More ]

The Reggio Emilia Study Tour

By Chia-wa Yeh, Research Coordinator and Teacher An ancient Roman road runs through the center of Reggio Emilia, a small city in northern Italy. The municipal preschools and infant-toddler centers in this formerly little-known city have created a phenomenon that continues to amaze the early childhoo... [ Read More ]

They Found Inspiration at NWTC

By Seyon Verdtzabella and Nancy Verdtzabella, Teachers In June, Bing Nursery School teachers, Nancy Verdtzabella and Seyon Verdtzabella, attended the 9th annual Northwest Teachers’ Conference (NWTC) in Mt. Vernon, Wash. The six-day conference is a platform for professional development and personal... [ Read More ]

Childhood: Possibilities, Potentials, and Contexts Voices from Pistoia, Reggio Emilia, and New England

By Jennifer Winters, Assistant Director Hampshire College, Smith College, The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and The University of Massachusetts (Amherst) were the sites of a three-day conference titled Childhood: Possibilities, Potentials, and Contexts. Five of our staff members — Nancy Ho... [ Read More ]

“The best preparation for a bad experience is a good experience.”

By Rinna Sanchez-Baluyut, Teacher Many parents worry about how their children will cope in a challenging situation. Many have asked what to do to prepare their children to face difficult times as they mature into teenagers and adulthood. Renowned child psychologist David Elkind addressed this issue ... [ Read More ]

Kindergarten Information Night

By Lynne Varner, Bing parent and Knight Fellow at Stanford Parents waving their kindergartners off to school can breathe a sigh of relief at having the arduous job of choosing the right school behind them. But parents of pre-school age children should take note: It’s never too early to start looki... [ Read More ]

International Visitors

By Beverley Hartman, Head Teacher Bing Nursery School continues to provide a warm welcome to educators from near and far to further our ties to those committed to the education of young children. During the 2003-2004 academic year, Bing hosted and provided tours for groups from Japan, Korea, Singapo... [ Read More ]

2003 Harvest Moon Auction — Bing sotto la Bella Luna

By Jennifer Winters, Assistant Director The past year’s Harvest Moon Auction, “Bing sotto la Bella Luna,” had a robust and sparkling Italian theme inspired by author and artist David Macaulay’s book Angelo. The event marked the 15th annual celebration to benefit the Bing Nursery School Schol... [ Read More ]