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An Interview with the New Director

In July 2009, after a national search, Jennifer Winters was named the new director of Bing Nursery School. She has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood education.

Laura Carstensen: Long Life in the 21st Century

By Christine VanDeVelde Luskin, Writer and Bing Alumni Parent
Next time you visit Bing Nursery School, look around at the boy building a tower of blocks in East room and the girl laughing on the tire swing in the redwood grove and the toddlers gathered for story time.

A Search for the Meaning of Play: A Workshop with Vivian Paley

By Todd Erickson, Teacher
“Our fantasy characters became our confidants. We would talk and listen to them and tell their stories at will. They did not mask reality; they helped us interpret and explain our feelings about reality.” —Vivian Gussin Paley

Researcher in Profile: Wei Quin Yow

By Chia-wa Yeh, Head Teacher and Research Coordinator
Are bilingual children more sensitive to non-verbal gestures in communication than monolingual children? Are they better able to interpret speakers’ intent? These are the questions Wei Quin Yow aims to answer…

The Tower House Restored—After a Two-Year Renovation, Peter Coutts’ Library is Once Again a Place of Study

By Simon Firth, Writer and Bing Alumni Parent
Remember the old brick building that used to sit, boarded up and apparently abandoned to decay, between the beautiful Escondido Elementary and Bing Nursery School campuses?

Undergraduate Teaching and Training at Bing

By Emma O’Hanlon, Teacher
Most descriptions of Bing Nursery School would likely begin with a scene of 2- to 5-year-olds deeply engaged in play. However, these young children are not Bing’s only students.

The Importance of Play: A Seminar for Bing Parents

By Colin Johnson, Teacher
In spring 2008, parents gathered at Bing Nursery School to participate in the parent seminar, “The Importance of Play.” Part of the seminar was devoted to hands-on play using classroom materials,…

Playmates and Playdates: How to Facilitate Children’s Social Play

By Christina Davis, Teacher
Parents know that a successful playdate isn’t always “as easy as child’s play.” And while playdates provide valuable opportunities for building friendships and developing social skills, they can turn stressful for children and adults alike.

Bats in East AM

By Karen Robinette, Head Teacher
Just beyond the door leading to the outside play yard in the East classroom, stand redwood trees. The rumor among the children is that bats live in these trees, although no one has ever actually seen them.

Ingredients for Fun

By Parul Chandra, Head Teacher
On any given day this past year, a look into Center Room would likely reveal children pretending to pour tea or bake bread. The children clearly enjoy this type of “cooking,” and it benefits them—by building social connections…

Storytelling in East PM

By Matt Linden, Head Teacher
The East PM teaching team was truly inspired by Vivian Paley’s visit to Bing in February. The early childhood education community has been profoundly influenced by her work with children, in particular children’s play,…

May the Force Be With You! “Star Wars” Play in the Nursery School Classroom

By Sarah Wright, Head Teacher
I don’t recall a horse in any Star Wars episode, but I would be happy to see children include one while playing Star Wars in the nursery school classroom. Creative developments like this show children using play,…

Families Around the World: a Meaningful Multi-Cultural Curriculum

By Nancy Howe, Head Teacher
Families Around the World, Center PM’s winter and spring quarter project, created a very personal and meaningful context in which to experience the rich cultural diversity in our classroom.

Singing, Dancing, and Playing: Two-Year-Olds Make the Leap

By Kitti Pecka, Head Teacher
Two-year-olds enter the classroom uniquely poised for development. The growth that unfolds in this year is tremendous and multifaceted. They are eager to be with peers and eager to play, but interacting cooperatively is a challenge.

Stories: Not a Project, a Process

By Peckie Peters, Head Teacher
In West room, there were always piggies. Not live animals, like the classroom’s chickens and bunnies, but toy piggies that belonged to children. Ginger brought her stuffed piggy in her backpack…

Peter and the Wolf

By Beth Wise, Assistant Director
Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra director and Bing alumni parent Jindong Cai collaborated with Bing School to create another fantastic free musical event for children at Dinkelspiel Auditorium this April.

Calling All Families

By Lars Gustafson, Teacher
Parents are always welcome to schedule time to visit Bing, but in the spring quarter of 2009 the teachers in West, Center and East afternoon classrooms offered a specific invitation to parents and extended family.

Rediscovering Creativity by Building It

By Svetlana Stanislavskaya, Enrollment Administrator
Creativity is present in every school both in the innovations and enthusiasm of the children and in the adventures encouraged and shared by teachers and parents.

Fall Staff Development Day

By Jen Aguilar, Assistant Teacher
At the first staff development day of the new school year, the Bing staff enjoyed a busy program full of presentations and discussions, sharing new information and reflecting on the school year thus far.

NAEYC Conference 2008

By Lisa Wesley, Teacher
“There’s enormous power in reading aloud to kids,” said University of Delaware professor and author, John Pilkulski, Ph.D., while lecturing on promoting preschool language and literacy…

AERA Conference

By Beverley Hartman, Head Teacher
Among the many perspectives offered at this year’s major conference for education researchers were some of special interest to early childhood educators. The American Educational Research Association’s 2009…

2009 CAEYC Annual Conference & Expo: Children’s Need and Right to Play

By Nancy Verdtzabella, Teacher
California’s major annual conference for early childhood educators offered a comprehensive look at play this year. The California Association for the Education of Young Children annual meeting, featured presentations on the importance of play…

Learning & the Brain Conference

By Minjae Bae, Teacher
Discoveries about how brain development affects learning have much to offer teachers. This February, head teacher Kitti Pecka and I were among the many educators, researchers and clinicians attending a conference on this subject in San Francisco.

Life After Bing: Kindergarten Information Night

By Amanda Otte, Assistant Teacher
On the evening of January 22, 2009, Bing Nursery School’s parents and staff gathered in West Room for Kinder-garten Information Night. At about 7 p.m., the event’s panelists took their seats in the front of an audience of more than 70.

Controlling Childhood Ailments

By Nila Bala, Assistant Teacher
This spring, the Bing staff learned about early detection and control of some common childhood health issues. Alumni parent, Joann Blessing-Moore, MD, and current parent, Tandy Aye, MD, visited Bing on classroom set-up day…

Harvest Moon Auction 2008

By Jennifer Winters, Director
“A Starry Safari” was the theme for the 20th annual Harvest Moon Auction to benefit the Bing Nursery School Scholar-ship Fund. The auction, held Oct. 18, 2008, raised over $250,000 that will provide financial aid for 20 percent…