Harvest Moon Auction 2009

By Beth Wise, Assistant Director

The 21st annual Harvest Moon Auction was held on Nov. 14, 2009, and raised over $300,000 to provide financial aid for 20 percent of our students. “A Night of Good Fortune” was the theme for the auction and the proceeds are used each year to benefit the Bing Nursery School Scholarship Fund.

As in past years, Helen and Peter Bing are strong contributors to the scholarship program with a generous gift of $50,000.

The event took place on Stanford’s campus at the Arrillaga Alumni Center’s McCaw Hall. Festive arrangements of Chinese umbrellas and large floating balloons transformed the room into an oriental ballroom. The food was catered by San Francisco’s Organic Chef Catering, whose Asian fusion flair added to the ambiance. As the company’s name suggests, the food was all organic, and plates, cups and other items were compostable. Entertainment included Chinese lion dancers and drums, while music played in the background by Bing teacher, Todd Erikson, who was the DJ. We are grateful for the dedication and countless hours devoted by our parent volunteers to make the auction not only successful, but also highly enjoyable and elegant. Our Bing parents create a magical experience that begins with the planning of the event, the solicitation of donations and organizing every detail of this extraordinary fundraising event.

Auction attendees bid on exciting items during the live auction, which raised $30,000, including the Sharks Team Penthouse suite for 12, a private Stanford band performance, a precious handmade playhouse by Bing carpenter Wilhelm Grotheer and painted by teachers Betsy Koning and Stephanie Holson, and the ever-popular “Fund a Scholarship”—straight money donation.

Many wonderful events and parties were available including The Great

Bing Campout, The Prince/Princess Tea with Bing Teachers, wine tasting parties, a Gatsby Roaring ’20s black-tie party, A night of mahjong, a Bollywood party and other generous donations of parents’ and teachers’ time and talent. We also appreciate the work of parents in each classroom putting together theme gift baskets that are very popular and successful.

We would like to express our appreciation to the auction chairs, Vivian Lufkin and Anne-Marie Romero and all of the Bing parents for their invaluable contributions. We wish to thank our talented auctioneers, Jeff Jonker and Nate Olmstead, for making the live auction come to life. A special thanks to all who donated, volunteered and participated in the event, and we look forward to seeing everyone again at this year’s auction, “Come Take A Magic Carpet Ride” on November 13, 2010. We have some wonderful events this year such as a night at the Tower House with the St. Lawrence String Quartet, children’s parties with Bing teachers, vacation getaways, beautiful children’s gift baskets and other items. We truly appreciate all parents’ involvement and support. It is what makes the Bing community so special.