Educator Event Archive


July 8-10, 24-26

Summer Session (3 days, offered twice)
Topic: Nurturing Young Children’s Creative Thinking

April 10

Educator Seminar
Topic: The Musical Story: Tying Music to Literacy
Presenters: Beth Wise & Lars Gustafson, Bing educators


November 5

Educator Seminar
Topic: Developing Musical Ability: Voice, Body and Instruments
Presenters: Nandini Mukherjee, Kitti Pecka, and Beth Wise, Bing teachers

July 16-20

February 8

Educator Seminar
Topic: Block Building: A Cornerstone of the Curriculum
Presenters: Jennifer Winters and Todd Erickson, Bing Teachers


November 12

Educator Seminar
Topic: ReCycle RePurpose ReUse: Incorporating Found Materials for Creative Expression into the Early Childhood Curriculum
Presenters: Nancy Howe, Jasmine Dobbs-Marsh, Betsy Koning, Chia-wa Yeh, and Stephanie Holson, Bing teachers

July 11-15

June 27 - July 1

May 2-4

Feb 9

Educator Seminar
Topic: Make Room for Clay: An Important Medium for Creative Expression
Presenters: Parul Chandra & Nandini Mukherjee, Bing teachers