Music CD: Happy Tales from Bing 2011

Happy Tales from Bing 2011

This CD, titled Happy Tales From Bing, is the fifth of the Bing CDs produced by assistant director and former music specialist Beth Wise, and features favorite stories performed by teachers, parents and friends. Music accompanies each story to produce a rich auditory experience for children.

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Song List

1. The Three Little Pigs
Traditional Story
Narrator: Todd Erickson
Marimba: Martin Fraile
Violin : Geoff Nuttall
Violin : Livia Sohn
Guitar: Beth Wise
Percussion: Sheri Luevano
Boss: Saúl Sierra
Vocals: Jennifer Evans Beatty

2. Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Traditionol Story
Music and lyrics written by Audrey Proulx
Narrator: Mark Mabry
Percussion: Sheri Luevano
Vocals and Violin: Audrey Proulx
Banjo: Matt Linden
Harmonica: Victor Yun
Vocals and Guitar: Beth Wise

3. The Gingerbread Mon
Traditional Story
Narrator: Lars Gustafson
Vocals: Lars Gustafson, Adrienne Lomangino, Beth Wise
Piano: Evon Brooks
Boss: Saul Sierra
Vocals far Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Adrienne Lomangino

4. The Little Red Hen
Traditional Story
Music and lyrics written by Beth Wise
Narrator: Sarah Wright
Vocals: Beth Wise
Guitar: Rick Vandivier
Guitar: Beth Wise

5. I Am a Fine Musician
Traditional Children's Song
Vocals: Koren Such
Bassoon: Michael Goldman
Violin: Marino Dantcheva
Shakers: Shen Luevano
Banjo: Matt Linden

6. Conejito
Traditional Folktale From Panama
Narrator: Virginia Gutiérrez-Porter
Guitar: Rick Vandivier
Guitar : Beth Wise
Flute and Ocarina: Minjae Bae
Violin: Michelle Forrest

7. Little Rabbit
Traditional Chinese Song and Story
Narrator: T.K. Chu
Chorus: T.K. Chu, Dan Chu, Shelley Chu, Andrew Chu, Colin Chu, Helen Chen, Lucy Higgins, Mary Chen
Yangqin: Duny Lam
Erhu: Yongping Tian
Dizi: Jun Gao
Violin: Audrey Proulx

8. The Little Red Hen (vocal rendition)
Music and lyrics written by Beth Wise
Vocals: Angel Burgess
Keyboard: Evan Brooks
Boss: Saúl Sierra

9. Hush Little Baby
Traditional Children's Song
Vocals: Angel Burgess
Keyboard: Evan Brooks
Bass: Saúl Sierra


Produced by Beth Wise and Lars Hidde
Recorded and Mixed by Lars Hidde
Recorded Live at Bing Nursery School, Stanford, CA, February 2011
Mixed and Mastered at Rivery Sound Studios, Los Gatos, CA

CD cover art by Betsy Koning
CD cover graphics design by Virginia Gutiérrez-Porter
CD design by Chia-wa Yeh

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How To Obtain Your Copy

You may acquire a copy of any Bing music CD directly from Bing Nursery School with a donation of $15.00 that goes directly to the Bing Nursery School Scholarship Fund. You'll enjoy the music and you'll be helping our school to offer equitable access to a wonderful early childhood experience.