Research at Bing Nursery School

Research studies conducted at Bing over the past decades are now staples in textbooks of psychology, education, and linguistics. Some have influenced public policy for children in America. Research for many doctoral dissertations has been conducted at Bing, under the supervision of Stanford faculty members. Most of the research takes place in the "game rooms," located off the atrium. Some research also takes place in the four classrooms. Some of the most important research programs carried out at Bing include:

  •  · Professor Emeritus Albert Bandura, social learning theory;
  •  · Professor Eve Clark, developmental psycholinguistics;
  •  · Professor Emeritus John Flavell, children's "theories of mind";
  •  · Professor Mark Lepper, intrinsic motivation;
  •  · Professor Emirita Eleanor Maccoby, development of gender differences;
  •  · Professor Ellen Markman, language acquisition;
  •  · Professor Walter Mischel, delay of gratification.

One indication of the importance of the research conducted at Bing is the fact that 2/5 of the developmental psychologists elected to the National Academy are members of our psychology research faculty, namely, John Flavell and Eleanor Maccoby. ;

Current Investigators

Current investigators conducting child studies at Bing include: