Prospective Students

Welcome to BMC! Computation will play a major role in biology and medicine in the coming years, and the Biomedical Computation major aims to provide students a solid foundation in this exciting interdisciplinary field. The major involves building a foundation in computation and biology in the first couple of years, and then specializing in a specific depth area during your junior and senior years.

We encourage you to browse this website to learn more about the major and see if BMC is right for you. An overview of the curriculum can be found on the curriculum page; details of the course-by-course requirements for the different tracks are here. One of the benefits of BMC is its flexibility; you will notice on the requirements that a large part of the upper division curriculum is made of electives. The complete list of electives is located here. Common questions are answered in the FAQ.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Student Coordinator.

Preparing to declare

Once you decide BMC is right for you, it is time to declare. Before declaring, you will need to do the following:


To declare, you will need the following forms:

  1. Meet with academic advisor

    Meet with your academic advisor, review the four-year plan, and have him/her sign your completed program sheet.
  2. Meet with Professor Altman or Koller

    Meet with Professor Russ Altman or Daphne Koller (edit: Professor Koller is currently on sabbatical so see Professor Altman this year) to for approval of your declaration. Bring the following to the meeting:
    1. Completed Supplementary BMC Declaration form
    2. Completed and signed program sheet
    3. Completed four-year plan.
    Professor Koller or Altman will sign your Supplementary BMC Declaration Form and sign your program sheet.
  3. Form drop-off, Darlene Lazar, SoE

    Drop off your signed program sheet, your four-year plan and an unofficial transcript to Darlene Lazar in Huang 135 for review and approval.
  4. Enroll in Axess

    You must then declare your major in Axess:
    1. Select “Engr” as your Major
    2. Select “BMC” as your subplan
    3. Email Darlene Lazar ( to approve your major in PeopleSoft

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