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Program Locations

Office Hours

Student Advisor Winter Quarter Office Hours

Office Hours for the Student Advisors are during the first 3 weeks of each quarter, however they can still be reached by email to set up an appointment after that.  If you have any questions or queries regarding the study abroad programs please feel free to contact them.

The office hours will be located in the BOSP office, Ground Floor Sweet Hall. Please note that their times can change from week to week so please make sure you check back regularly to make sure you have the correct time.


If you wish to meet with a BOSP staff advisor regarding any program then please follow the link below:


Name - Program Hours Email
Libby Birch - Australia
Kristen Malinak - Australia
Katie Walker - Barcelona
Binna Kim - Beijing
Alexandra To - Beijing
Molly Field - Berlin
Angad Singh - Berlin

Aliya Deri - Berlin
Keith Calix - Florence
Nicole DeMont - Florence
Scott Parks - KCJS
Rebecca Dru - Madrid
Yuliya Mykhaylovska - Madrid
Miguel Boluda- Moscow

Maya Lewis - Oxford
Annie Prossnitz - Oxford
Theo Lim - Paris
Kelly Vicars - Paris
Christie Brydon - Santiago
Will Troppe - Santiago



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